Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Steve Fung takes cleanliness SERIOUSLY! (unlike our management)

Steve mops the floor before his shift

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County’s $25M payment to TriMet looms

More on the physics of panic stopping a TriMet bus (Yep, that's one lucky bicyclist)

Allen Morgan, TriMet’s manager of operations and training, sent me an explanation of what’s at play when a driver has to take evasive action to avoid hitting a bicyclist blowing a stop sign.“Stopping distance has three variables – the time taken to recognize the hazard + reaction time+ braking distance. We also have to take into account speed and road conditions.” 

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"Operators collapse is not related to the sulfer smell" Uh huh....sure....

  • A headline over at the Rantings of a Transit Bus Driver blog: “DRIVER PASSES OUT DUE TO EXHUAST FUMES.” Sounds alarming. Blogger and bus driver Al Margulies reports: “An operator passed out due to a ‘sulfur smell.’” Well, yes and no, says TriMet. Here’s the email reply that spokeswoman Mary Fetsch sent in: “The operator was Cliff McGrady (note correct spelling). Riders told the operator of the smell. The operator said he did not smell the sulfur that was caused from overheating batteries. Passengers were off loaded onto another bus. The operator, with maintenance following, drove the bus back to the Merlo garage. He collapsed just outside the report area. Our safety staff believe the operator's collapse is unrelated to the sulfur smell.” 
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What kind of people apply to be a bus operator

This is from Puget Sound Operators blog, Jeff Welch, and it goes a long way in explaining why some of the people that end up working here are not exactly fit for the job:

but also because of the obvious lack of selling points: new part-time Operators are guaranteed no more than 2.5 hours per day (less than 13 hours per week), with no security regarding advancement, increases in hours, availability of desired schedule, etc. As one base chief once said to me – “What kind of profession attracts desperate people? Only desperate people would apply for the kind of job with this kind of working conditions, at least initially.” He was right. I was desperate.

We start at 12 an hour.You have to be desperate to start at 360 dollars a week at TriMet.

Bus didn't show up? Here's one possibility why..........

Due to a commercial power outage, MAX signals and switches are affected through the Rose Quarter and Union Station. Blue and Red Lines are on regular routes but are experiencing delays. Green and Yellow Line trains are looping on 5th and 6th avenues downtown and not crossing the Steel Bridge. On the eastside, Yellow Line trains are traveling between Expo Center and Rose Quarter and then east as a Green Line train to Clackamas Town Center. Shuttle buses are also transporting people from Rose Quarter to 5th and Glisan. Riders should expect delays.

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My favourite MAX driver improves my morning commute

One day before deadline, 54 of 57 streetcar riders say they’re unaware of plan to leave Free Rail Zone

Portland A-Foot

City: We’ll still accept comments on Streetcar leaving Free Rail Zone

Portland A-Foot

LIGHT RAIL SCRWED UP (again)!/arrivaltracker/status/144486724607803392

Westbound MAX trains delayed/halted in Lloyd District due to power outage in NW Portland


Since this agency has two distinct operator functions one of which is clearly more difficult than the other Trimet should offer differential pay for the operators doing the more difficult work.

Driver that are forced to use old equipment and have the extra distracting burden of calling stops in addition to everything else that this position requires should receive additional monetary compensation.

This company has no problem finding $390,000 to hire spies to see if we who are driving the old antique equipment are calling the stops, but the company doesn't have the smarts to realize that for the same amount of money they could have equipped all the buses with automated technology.

Trimet calls itself a leader in technology, unfortunately for the transit division the technology has very little to do with operating a bus.

Witnessing the debacle of the WILLOW CREEK ART SUPPLIES CATASTROPHE of yesterday, it is obvious how pathetically unprepared and unmanageable this organization has become, god help us if there is ever a real emergency.

Milwaukie Council wants say in light-rail bridge