Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday VLOG-part 2

Vlog-Friday-Who picked this fight?

Is Portland's relationship with its sexy streetcar system about to take a costly turn?

Four-year-old Gresham boy found safe after taking MAX trip to find mother

Dr Jeff pans TRIMET's type 4 MAX trains

Dear Type IV | TriMet Diaries

TRIMET targeting my associates?

An operator that I know pretty well is convinced that his association with me and any appearance he has on my web site leads to direct retaliation from the company.
He comes to this conclusion due to his two recent appearances and then the next day SIP's appear in his company mail.
Cause and effect?
After the first incident I considered the guy paranoid, but after the second incident, I am beginning to wonder.
Of course like most operators he is scared of losing his employment, they surely have us all thinking like slaves, you loose this job and its under the Burnside Bridge with ya!
Do people really want to live like that?

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Port Authority to post employees' pay, other compensation online | The Asbury Park Press |


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Jon Hunt defends Romania trip

King of the Ranters-GERALD CELENTE

Gerald Celente-oogie boogie Iran
 Gerald Celente-don't buy the bluff
Gerald Celente-Eisenhower ignored
Gerald Celente-Black Friday

Portland police catch 87 bicyclists, 4 skateboarders using downtown sidewalks during 2-hour crackdow

Violence now 'occupational safety hazard' for bus drivers

"Driving a bus has become an occupational safety hazard, and it shouldn't be," said Clarke in the wake of recent incidents involving attacks on MCTS bus drivers.
"If you look at our airlines, you can't get to the pilot anymore. They protect the pilot. If you look at our subway systems, the drivers' (doors) are closed. You can't get to the driver. I've talked about that. I've talked about giving them defensive weapons, and it's all been pooh-poohed by the transit administration," said Clarke.

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Thrashing libertarians

Some Real Numbers : Center for Public Transportation