Saturday, December 10, 2011

Must see Trimet video

Max Prototype (Winter 2009) - YouTube

Freddie is back!

Portland Firefighters Train to Respond Efficiently to MAX Light-Rail Incidents

Some photos

Totalitarian to speak

Location Announced for February Forum with TriMet GM Neil McFarlane

Rhyan Van Horn (TriMet) has finalized the location for the 2/9/12 joint luncheon between ELGL and OMFOA Development Professionals. The luncheon will begin at 11:45 a.m. in room 1E of the State’s main office building in Portland. The room is on the first floor, accessible through the cafeteria. The address is 800 NE Oregon St, Portland, OR 97232.  Parking is metered. TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane will be the guest speaker.

Bridge lift delay on the saturday #12

Here we go again.....ANOTHER FEAR ALERT

This time Washington Square! No buses allowed in till they realize they have no actual bomb, which they always seem to find out.
But its a great excuse to roll out the police state!

David Kay

Hotseat: Public Transit Consultant Jarrett Walker

The Portland Streetcar has done a lot of good for the Pearl District, but it was introduced as a development tool, and as it was presented, it was always very clear that the emotional attraction of the vehicle itself was an important part of why we should build it. Why should we build a streetcar instead of just running a really good bus service? We’re moving into a much leaner time. We may start having different conversations about how important it is to have emotionally appealing vehicles, as opposed to creating a system that maximizes people’s personal freedom.

 Willamette Week

The only MAX ticket machine at Sunset TC that takes cash

Punkrawker rides the West Coast Express

Violence against bus drivers

Ha! Cato’s O’Toole to Detroit: Don’t Repeat Portland and Denver’s “Mistakes”

Rouge boards of directors

Leaders of the Utah Transit Authority continue to struggle with the idea that their taxpayer-supported agency exists to serve the public interest, not to provide development bonanzas for their friends, business associates and, worst of all, fellow board members.

Missing the bus | The Salt Lake Tribune


For Immediate Release: December 5, 2011
Contact: Amy Ruiz, Mayor’s Office, 503-823-4799
Mary Fetsch, TriMet, 503-962-6403
Matt Shelby, PPS, 503-916-3027


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