Monday, December 12, 2011

VLOG-Monday-part 2

Steve meets Max

VLOG-Monday-part 1

Latest ridership figures out

Bus ridership is up significantly,the biggest increase of all the modes of transport at TriMet.
However, no where in the body of the press release statement does this get mentioned.
As usual they trumpet their beloved rail services, bragging away about the puny WES ridership.
I'm tired of going through the figures every month to show just what baloney they really are but you can see them yourself:

Chris Day supports proposal that would set ATU presidents at last salary

Chris Day states: I want you to be clear on my statement of if it is for the membership I am in full support of maintaining the same pay of the position you have with your employer. If the members approve that as a bylaw I am in full support 

What is the right amount?

Bruce Hansen supports pay reduction for union president!

Bruce Hansen has come out in support of a proposal that would reduce the ATU 757 presidents salary by 20%.

Hotel California at the Parkrose Transit Center

I spent part of my break on Sunday inspecting the bike path along the 205 freeway. That is an endorsement for the TGIF chicken wings.

Should be one of the more entertaining board meetings Wednesday

There are several  items that should produce some interesting reactions:

1-Boring declaration of will the empire react?

2-If I'm not mistaken, this is when they will decided the issue of fare increases for TRIMET lift. This was put over from last summer.

3-Last but not least will be the testimony of several bus operators, including myself....

Dr Jeff always a good read

All I learned I learned on TriMet | TriMet Diaries

Will the empire allow Boring independence on Wednesday?

They changing our EMAIL accounts for us

They produced a VIDEO about this. (Trinet users only)
 I don't use their email much anyway.

Weird stuff that they do

In a previous post we looked at the "usability hunt" that some of the staff here participated in....

This is the POST ABOUT IT!

Trimet always has instructions and/or advice for us

Before another event:

* If you drive to work, have your vehicle thoroughly checked, especially the battery, antifreeze, wipers, windshield wiper fluid, ignition system, thermostat, lights, exhaust system, heater, brakes and defroster.

Interesting picture

This was given to me, allegedly its the "service planning" staff....

Vintage Trolley

Yesterday was one of the few times a year that the Vintage Trolley was running. In other words, if you want to ride it, do it next Sunday because after that it won't run until one day in May, one day in July and then one day in September before the Christmas season begins again. I did a PSU-PSU trip.