Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My written testimony to the TRIMET board

Example of unsafe TRIMET bus

Example of unsafe TriMet bus


Testimony to the TriMet Board of Directors-12/14/11
Al M

Members of the TriMet Board of Directors, I appear before you today because
I am concerned about what I am hearing from our general manager and what I
see on the job as an employee.

For months now Mr. McFarlane has been talking about how much his safety
Initiative is improving the operating conditions at TriMet; about changing
our culture and making safety a value, and not a word.


She couldn't stay for the testimony but her presence was greatly appreciated!

Michael Levine says TRIMET should have listened to its own CAT committee

The office of the general manager

267.135 General manager; qualifications; term; removal. (1) The board
shall appoint a general manager on the basis of the qualifications of the
general manager with special reference to the actual experience in or
knowledge of accepted practices in respect to the duties of the office of
the general manager. A general manager shall hold office for an indefinite
term and may be removed by the board only by an affirmative vote of a
majority of the members.

Jason says yes, Cameron says no

Jason Mchuff says yes to Boring withdrawal
 Cameron Johnson says no to Boring withdrawal

ATU 587 President Calls for Monthly Sick Out

Puget Sound Operators

Activist operators (and one retiree) address the TRIMET board

Alan Eisenberg gives quite a show at the TRIMET board meeting
 My testimony to the Trimet board of directors
 Steve Fung addresses the Trimet Board
 Jeff Asch adresses the Trimet Board

Trimet board surprises everyone and agrees to Boring's independence

TriMet board votes to approve Boring withdrawal |


Board highlights

-Trimet directors grants Boring independence! 
-Director Swietzer leaves right after Boring vote and before public testimony.
- Macfarlane indignant about complaints about scheduling. Says bitterly " I'll be happy to provide report on how we do schedules" Neil not happy right now! 
 -Alan Eisenberg stole the show today! WOW!

What's with the fareboxes and why won't they just get new ones

Dear Al, Tri-Met has just recently refurbished the ominous fareboxes, much to the demise of the drivers....they are malfunctioning at a galatic rate !!! This has added no end of frustration to the drivers' already list of problematic elements to juggle,(not to mention the miscalculations that are occurring with the auditing dept) . I am speaking from center street experience, and do not know if Powell and Merlo were involved in last weekends' installation of refurbished machines. There seems to be a more than 50% failure in the machines in question...Who is the contractor, and why the Hell didn't Tri-Met just opt for the full replacement of all Fareboxes ?

What the Board really wanted to tell Al and I

Norway in state of panic

Butter shortages hit Norway

Car sharing takes off in the U.S.

Personal car-sharing spreads from California to Oregon and, very soon, to a neighborhood near you. The concept of hiring out your own vehicle has proven wildly popular here and around the globe. 

 Peer-to-peer carsharing service coming to Portland

The perils of privatization

Ted Hesson: Surprise! Nassau Bus Deal Was Rotten

Light rail scrapped in Detroit

Detroit light-rail plan is dead; buses will be used instead | Detroit Free Press |


My fellow officers; I write to you do to the fact that I can't sleep tonight. At our Union's Monday morning meeting today we had several Nela members present, one of which was a woman about 30 years old, timid and shy. She sat through the meeting not saying anything; just waiting until she could get a word in edgewise.