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Jack Bogdanski commentary

There are some great comments:

Tri-Met: "We're broke! What should we do?" (Jack Bog's Blog)

$17 million in the hole? Let's look at the PORK OF TRIMET

And we are only $17 million in the hole? It's a miracle actually! 
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Thanks to ERIK HALSTEAD for providing this information!

Other stories regarding this issue:

Scenes from DT PDX on Friday

While I waited for my road relief bus,I had a chance to take a few photos.

Short line the Red Line?

TriMet has launched an online budget tool to get input on how to address the anticipated $12-17 million shortfall. Users are presented with different options that are under consideration and can see how different combinations of them can be arranged to reach the $17 million goal.
Among the options are several affecting Red Line service: not changing it at all, running it just between Gateway and PDX, and running it between 11th Ave and PDX.  Oddly enough, that last one is how the Red Line used to be run for the first two years before it was extended to Beaverton TC in 2003, which helped accommodate growing ridership on the Blue Line.

TriMet bus rider injured in bicycle-caused 'panic stop' still in OHSU intensive care unit

Officer Crawls Under Bus to Comfort Woman Pinned Under Wheel: ‘I’ll Stay Until We Get You Out’

“I had to go past her leg and I could see that her right knee and thigh were completely opened up, just peeled back. I could see right into her leg,” Peck said, adding that her shoulders were pinned so that she could breathe but couldn’t move.

Story Here!

Aren’t Those New Streetcars Kind of Expensive?

Michael Neibauer reports that the District Department of Transportation has awarded the contract for two new streetcars to a Portland company, which offered a price of $8.7 million for the pair. That's $3.7 million for each 144-passenger vehicle, plus another $1.3 million for design, delivery, and insurance.
By contrast, Metro's new buses cost $570,000 each and can fit about 80 people total. The schmancy new 7000-series rail cars cost about $2 million each (including shipping, parts, etc.), have 64 seats, and roomier aisles for more people standing. We knew the streetcar wasn't going to be cheap, but damn.


bus driver assaulted twice on same journey

Bullying transit workers

TWU protest MTA's 'unfair contract' proposal - am New York

The 10 dumbest transportation problems in East Portland

Portland Afoot

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The Office of Government Affairs is responsible for managing on-going intergovernmental relations, long-range funding, policy development and implementation with local, regional, state and federal legislative and administrative officials.

TRIMET policy on releasing operator names

TriMet is required by Oregon Public Records law to release the names of employees. TriMet releases the name and years of service of employees involved in accidents or incidents. Following a serious accident or incident, we do not release the information for up to 12 hours in order to support our employees during a difficult time. This limit allows time for the individual to get assistance from our Employee Assistance Program, as well as allow for gathering accurate and thorough information at the scene of the incident. Under special circumstances, TriMet will honor a request by law enforcement personnel to withhold the employee's name.
The news media has access to police reports and can get an employee's name from that source. They have called employees at their homes following a serious incident. While the communications department will not release an employee's phone number, we may call to ask if the employee is interested in talking to the media.

$17 million in the red? CUT THE "IT" DEPT

The IT Department is made up of 6 groups.  Each group has distinct responsibilites in delivering IT support and functions to TriMet.
    • Enterprise Systems Development
    • GIS & Location Based Services
    • Network Communications
    • Oracle Technology
    • Operations Systems
    • Technical Services

$17 million in the red? CUT OUT MARKETING!

Welcome to Marketing! The Marketing Department supports the agency's expectation to communicate, represent and achieve safety-driven service excellence with an integrated approach to creating the best possible experience for our customers. Marketing's focus will be on key initiatives that seek to enhance ridership experience and build community support in alignment with TriMet's brand position and shared values. Contributions to the overall success of agency priorities will come in the form of quantitative and qualitative outcomes. Marketing Priorities: * Safety Education Encourage safe behavior and increase awareness of what we do to help keep people safe. * Brand Management/Public Relations Promote and protect the key principles of The TriMet Way, aligning our vision with public perception by promoting positive examples of transit benefits, and managing and strengthening our relationships with customers and the community by being proactive and interactive with information and engagement. * Ridership Promote new and existing amenities, tools and service to our riders and prospects, to enhance the customer experience. * Customer Information Deliver timely, accurate and relevant information to riders via static and dynamic content channels, providing customer what they want (and need), when they want it. * Revenue Generation Manage pass programs, partnerships and advertising/promotional opportunities to maximize revenue and/or leverage resources for the agency.



The third and most important factor is the failure of TriMet and the union to come to terms on a new contract. TriMet projects a $5 to $10 million shortfall due to the rising costs of health care and wage benefits, and notes that these costs will continue to rise over time if the union does not accept some kind of benefit reduction.
Portland Transport: TriMet Launches "Cut The Budget" On-line Tool

"Engineer  Scotty" from P-tansport did point out to me that he noticed that anti union hype in the MINISTRY OF PROPAGANDA so called "tool"

TriMet has a new web tool on how to deal with the upcoming funding crisis. Of particular interest may be this FAQ, which contains TriMet's answers to common questions like "why not cut WES" or "why not delay Milwaukie MAX"?
That said, fairness requires that I point out that the page DOES go to great lengths to wag fingers at the transit union.

TriMet: Why is there a budget shortfall?

TriMet: Jobs - $93,360.00 - $140,038.00 Annually

Joe Ruffin

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