Saturday, December 17, 2011


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 Tri Met Scam - YouTube
 “Working With TriMet” Coffee Klatch | Neighbors West-Northwest
 Form TM-V, TriMet Self-Employment Tax Payment Voucher ...

42,000+ people

Have watched the Associated Press version of the Claudine video!

Santa is my follower on the #12 all week

My buddy,Roger Adams, was lookin' good today.

C-Tran hears of flawed layout at bus stop site



The TRIBUNE has published a story which implicates one of our BOARD MEMBERS in the operation of an illegal parking lot.

What's wrong with Tiffany Sweitzer?
 For the last four meetings she has left the meetings as soon as the public testimony begins. We are sure she is a very busy woman, but never hanging around to hear the public comments shows a complete lack of empathy for the transit riding population. If she feels she is too busy to actually attend the meetings to the end then maybe she should resign or be replaced.

Permits I'm not sure it's known why it wasn't pursued back in 2008. There's some other complaints for overgrowth and weeds, too. Overall, I think the real problem may be that properties with no buildings on them get charged at a low rate. This means that owners can be discouraged from building, and that the carrying cost is low. Specifically, taxes on the lot are only about $12,000. Even if that is for only a quarter of the block, it just requires 10 cars @ $100 a month (which is what I think the rate was) to pay for them.

Portland's smallest park now Occupied

Mills End Park. Peaceful so far, though one protester was arrested.


RTD | Our Priorities
Safe service Your safety is our top priority.
On-time scheduled service RTD riders expect and deserve on-time service. If your service is delayed more than 30 minutes and the delay was not caused by inclement weather, unplanned traffic or an event beyond RTD’s control, we’ll compensate you with a free ride coupon.
Exceptional customer service We want you to be satisfied with every trip you take on RTD, plain and simple.
Clean vehicles We promise that all of our vehicles will be clean and ready to take you to your destination.
Clear communication We promise to listen to you and respond to all of your inquiries.

Ross Wrede said... TriMet's List of Priorities 1) Create corporate welfare for construction companies, real estate developers, and multinational transit companies. 2) Build rail lines where no one wants to go. 3) Create a bloated multi-layered administrative staff at inflated six figure salaries. 1001) Provide bus service with old, dirty, unreliable equipment for those poor slobs that aren't lucky enough to be near rail service. Saturday, December 17, 2011 5:17:00 PM

What did I do to deserve the historic (old) plastic seats on the bus today? What did I ever do to you, #TriMet?

The pattern on the seats on TriMet busses



Eric Wittlake
Irony: Lady drove her car right into caution tape roping off a section of the Trimet parking lot.


(Steve Fung should have this job)

Should we have camera's with audio pointed at us?

There is a discussion going on at a Facebook group regarding audio/visual recording of operators. I for one SUPPORT the use of audio/video in our buses. I did it voluntarily for about a year before the country got hysterical about things like that. It will be much more useful to us than harmful against us. As long as operators have access to files and the rules are clearly defined then I support audio/video on operators.

Trimet appoints new General Manager and Communications executive

Bob Foster as General Manager/Steve Fung as communications exec

24 Common-Sense Ways TriMet can Reduce it's budget - WITHOUT NEW TAXES

In light of the budget crapola that TriMet is rolling out it's time to revisit THIS.

Merlo Garage Christmas party

Route 6 Bus bunching