Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Monday, January 2, 2012

Free Rides New Years Eve...what's the catch?

Except that:

1.  New Year's Eve was on Saturday.  WES doesn't run on Saturdays.

2.  WES doesn't operate after 8:00 PM.  The last train of the day leaves Tualatin at 7:52 PM and arrives in Wilsonville at 8:02 PM.  So...if you can somehow board the train just two minutes north of the Wilsonville station stop, then you can ride those two minutes for free.

3.  Even if you left Wilsonville for Portland to celebrate...then what would you do?  SMART did not run any service at all on New Year's Eve, doesn't run at all on you'd have to pay for a very expensive taxi ride back home to Wilsonville.


Anonymous said...

4. A whole lot of buses don't run on Saturdays (mine included)
5. Quite a few bus lines don't have service that runs later than just 7:00pm (including mine) on a weekday
6. This free ride thing is absolutely useless for a heck of a lot of riders because most buses, even if they run on Saturdays, do not run later than 8:00pm

Who wants to continue?

Al M said...

So this is posted at the WES platform?
That is rather funny....

J said...

Wait, which WES platform was this? All the way in Wilsonville, nowhere near TriMet bus service where someone could conceivably be buying fare for a bus?

Anonymous said...

That does look like it's out in wilsonville because of the WES train in the far background

Erik H. said...

Yes, that was in Wilsonville. Took the picture on Monday. Carter and I took a little train trip down into the valley so he could use his brand new camera.