Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Friday, February 17, 2012


And the dispatcher wants a full description, of course.
It seems rather odd that they need a description, really.
Here is the description, THE ONE PERSON WHO IS PASSED OUT ON THE BUS, do you really need more than that?

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Erik H. said...

9-1-1, What is your emergency?

There's a guy passed out, I don't know what's wrong with him, I think I need an ambulance.

(9-1-1) Do you have a pulse?

I don't know.

(9-1-1) How do you know he's passed out?

Because I can't wake him up.

(9-1-1) What's his blood pressure?

How am I supposed to know? I'm not a doctor.

(9-1-1) Is he warm?

Um...maybe? I don't know, it's a warm place here.

(9-1-1) What's his blood sugar?

How am I supposed to know? We need an ambulance here!

(9-1-1) What's his name?

I don't know.

(9-1-1) Is anyone else with him?

yes, me.

Is the point to wait long enough until the guy dies? Fortunately 9-1-1 usually is working with the radio dispatcher so the ambulance is already called as they are still talking to you...but why is TriMet dispatch taking their sweet time????