Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fact-Checking McFarlane

The Portland to Milwaukie Light Rail will carry riders for:
·       $1.50 each
·       compared to nearly double what it costs on the bus system ($2.90)
So...if what McFarlane is saying is true, let's see the proof in the pudding.

How much does it cost for a Green Line rider between Gateway and Clackamas TC? much does it cost for a 72 line rider between I-84 (the 82nd Avenue MAX station) and Clackamas TC?

McFarlane is citing the cost of one line, against the AVERAGE of all bus lines.  Which means, he's trying to compare ONE MAX line to the 84 Kelso/Boring line (because that one bus line that costs a Godawful amount of money throws the bus system average).  Clearly, that the AVERAGE is only $2.90 shows that there are many buses that aren't anywhere near as costly.

And, TriMet's CFO even confirmed to me that many bus lines are just as cost effective - or in some cases, MORE cost effective - than MAX.  Like the 72 bus.  MORE cost effective than MAX.  MORE cost effective than the Green Line.

Apples to apples, not apples to the whole freakin' damn orange tree orchard.

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Steve Fung said...

Erik:If you take yourself and your son to the train show,be sure to post some photos and videos of the event.If I wasn't working,I would be down there this weekend.