Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Cash-strapped agencies can use FTA funds for fuel - News - METRO Magazine

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Erik H. said...

Remember, this is the same TriMet that said they will use debt funding to buy buses in the future instead of FTA grants, told ODOT that it won't ask for state funding for buses in many years, tried to pass a bond measure before voters for new buses because TriMet squandered the bus replacement account...

Oh, and the same TriMet that had all those fare hikes strictly because of increasing fuel costs - but when fuel costs went down, TriMet came up with more excuses as to why the fares had to stay high.

It reminds me of that Holocaust poem...first they came for the Jews, and then the Catholics, and then the gays and the blacks and the feeble and the ill, and finally there was no one left. At what point will TriMet exhaust everything until the point at which it ceases to be a functional transit agency? First it's the diesel prices, then the cost of a bus, then maintaining the bus, then the bus stops. Then it's the drivers. Well, shit, what is left? You have no vehicles, no one to operate the vehicles and no stops. What is TriMet?

Oh, I know. A public benefit corporation that markets something, produces software for something, engineers something...and a huge H.R. department to back them up. The problem is, what is "something"? It clearly isn't transit, and sans transit - what is TriMet doing? If TriMet wants to be a transit consulting firm, it shouldn't be publicly funded...and besides, isn't that what Metro has turned out to be? Why do we need two such agencies, but piss-pour transit?