Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Passengers abandoned at Transit center

A driver friend of mine had an emergency the other night and couldn't complete the route. \The riders had to get off at a transit center. It was the last bus on that route of the night.
Trimet abandoned those riders, they were left stranded, no other bus came to pick them up.
This happens more than people know.
It's symbolizes the complete and total failure of Trimet as a reliable transit system


Erik H. said...

Exactly the reason why TriMet Supervisors should be on scooters or motorcycles.

We - the taxpayers and riders of TriMet - bought expensive Chevrolet Equinoxes and Ford Escapes. I can tell you that 99% of the time, the seats not occupied by the Supervisor (driver) are empty. Why does a Supervisor need a five-seat car for one rider?

In this case, there should have been as many Supervisors needed to transport these riders. It is UNEXCUSABLE. (But, I'm sure Jason McHuff will justify that leaving these riders behind is OK, and that the Supervisors need big ass all wheel drive sport utility vehicles because there's that one day in 700 that they might actually engage the all wheel drive, and they need the extra seats so that they can carry their fast food lunch bag and their extra packs of cigarettes to smoke while standing in the middle of Barbur Boulevard.)

Jason McHuff said...

Exactly the reason why TriMet Supervisors should be on scooters or motorcycles.

Do you really think that's feasible? That they would be as safe and that all the supervisors would be willing to ride them?

How about going and casually asking one of the supervisors how much stuff they have in their vehicles? See if they really are needed or not. I'd bet you'd find they have gear such as farebox equipment, bus stop closed signs, brooms, and spill clean up material. And ask if they have to transport operators to drug tests or buses that need a replacement.

What about this operator who may not have been able to drive back to the garage?

And no, I don't think that stranding riders is good. But I do know that TriMet was trying to find another operator and bus to cover the run. Sometimes this can take a while; I know of a last trip that ended up being done (I think) an hour late. But it was done.

In addition, I have heard of supervisors giving courtesy rides. Do you think that it should be a focus of their duties? That it should take precedence over actual supervisory duties, such as dealing with other incidents that may be going on or being prepared for them?

Lastly, what if there were more people than could fit in the supervisor's vehicle?