Friday, June 22, 2012

I've never seen a tourist publication critical of Trimet

But when I start seeing buzz words I wonder about some of them
Simply put, this has to be one of the the most seamless airport-to-transit connections in the country: 
 The Transit Tourist: Portland, Ore. | The Source


Erik H. said...

Seamless airport to transit connection? What the hell does that mean? You can get from the airport to transit seamlessly? Don't most airports have a bus stop at their front door that offers a pretty seamless connection between the airport (a structure or building which serves airplanes and their passengers) and transit (a conveyance to transport people within an area, usually a city or surrounding area)?'s not a short walk to get from some of the gates at PDX to Long Beach - the distance from plane to front sidewalk was the same distance as from the walkways that connect ticketing with the Oregon Market (a.k.a. the shopping mall) to the sidewalk at PDX.

Al M said...

The author of the blog denies that Trimet had anything to do with that quote.