Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Professional: TriMet union presidential candidate Ron Heintzman

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Anonymous said...

Here's Why I Voted for Ron Heintzman and John Hunt. IMO, these two are "Bull Dog Competent" and we're lucky to have them represent us. I am deeply appreciative of their willingness to Run Local 757 and I feel very committed knowing they are my support team.

"We didn’t realize until the next contract that seven months later, TriMet management gave themselves a 10% wage increase."
(If one reviews the other local governments around the Portland Metropolitan Area, Trimet executives are the most over paid, over benefited, and the least competent.)

"Jon Hunt had approached me a couple months back.
He approached me saying “I would like you to run.” Because, he said, “It’s not about me, it’s about a solid team.” He realized that we’re in a war."
(This is a leader, I'm very sorry he got caught drunk driving that one day; however, the people on my bus that are the most informative and intellectually engaging are the one's who Got Caught Drunk Driving or Driving under a medical drug influence, Just maybe the Law is a little unreasonable toward drunk driving, Jon Hunt had his transmission in park as observed by the law enforcement officer that day, that's LEADERSHIP, and I thank him for it sincerely for having the foresight to place his transmission in park while compensating for his disability at that stop light.)

"That’s what we’re about, giving people second chances. People make mistakes in life."
(Everyday I drive my Transit bus I GIVE 10 CHANCES, or maybe 20, I am no judge, jury, or executioner, I am a BUS DRIVER power is in my bi-weekly pay check and I am in control of the steering wheel all day long!)

How much is your contract with the union right now?
I work 20 hours a month, and I get paid $50 an hour.

(Mr. Heintzman IMO is cheap for this kind of competence, I fear he'll get a better job offer and leave us more then the monetary compensation he has earned. The "I'll work for a 20% pay cut" campaign slogan is an insult to my Union brother and sisters pay checks, this is exactly what a union buster wants to hear.)

Well, why would Wallace be signing there?
I don’t remember exactly right now what that form was, but it was all legit. If I had done something illegal, don’t you think they would have done something?

(If this is the only dirt Ron Heintzman has and he successfully navigated through it I'm impressed, our Trimet executives have done far worse with tax payer funds and everybody in Portland knows it.)

Max said...

"Jon Hunt had his transmission in park as observed by the law enforcement officer that day, that's LEADERSHIP, and I thank him for it"

I'm not sure if "leadership" is the word I'd use for that.

Anonymous said...

Yea! Let's vote for the compromise team.....not, "We" need strong leadership, with transperancy as a moto. These guys are as shady as Trimet management, were is the money....don't know, then someone check this dream (dreaming) team's pockets.