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There was one line 83 bumped through while the film crew worked on a rehearsal. Bus arrived 20 minutes late on his paddle time and was held for less than 5 minutes. There were no passengers on board or waiting to board.
There were no G4S officers seen in the area until 15:00 hrs, at which time this officer approached me and introduced himself.
I feel that for future events, only buses be allowed through the access road parallel to the head house.

1. I found the operations order to be in error by stating that the west elevator was to be taken out of service. I spoke with Mr. about the east and west issue and he informed me he was aware of the error.

2. In regards to bathroom availability, from my experience, I have found that the Zoo bathrooms have a history of failing often. This did happen, even prior to 15:00hrs. The location manager promptly ordered port-a-potties for the event. So, I recommend that future events be required to have port-a-potties as part of their agreement.

3. I recommend the wording “Closer of the elevator” be re-thought. The thinking of some, early on was that the elevators were going to be shut down. This prompted me to begin a query of controllers of the options of how the elevators were going to be placed in the shut-down mode. Later it become more apparent that the elevators were going to stay in service, but only for the film crew.

4. Signage is always an issue. We have two great A-boards up-top and hand written ones down on platform level.

5. Nextel issues.
Pre-event @ Sunset
Chris and I headed out to STC this afternoon and helped a fair amount of Nickelback concertgoers. The Rose Quarter bound trickled in until about 5:30 p.m. After that we mainly saw traffic for other destinations, some taking us up on the round-trip fares until about 6:15 p.m.
Fare Sales total: 53

Service Disruption
At about 9 p.m. a car collided with an EB train in the NE 11th/Holladay intersection. Through radio scanning, we heard the plan was to begin a Bus Bridge between Lloyd Center and Gateway. Chris and I headed up to Lloyd while Lauren stayed and assisted customers at RQ where the digital message boards did announce the collision and bus bridge, and then adjusted for customers to just expect delays. As we were almost to the intersection, we learned the Bus Bridge was cancelled over the radio. We checked in with a supervisor and after learning there wasn’t anything we could do there, headed back to RQ. Speaking with Rick Jones a bit later, he gave us the info that no one had been harmed; however, Portland Police ordered the trauma/crash(?) unit, so they were unable to move the car from the tracks. Also, the Bus Bridge would have been RQTC to Gateway had it been implemented due to the location of the collision.
Service impacts:
It was about a 45 minute span of service disruption.
WB was initially able to move through; however after the Red Line at about 9:30 p.m. (OCC), it was 9:54 (RQTC) before a Green came through. A Blue to Hillsboro was immediately after.
We weren’t sure what to expect for the last Red Line, so Chris contacted Rail Control to determine if they anticipated the regular 10:40 p.m. schedule. Control did not anticipate that it would be any earlier than 10:40 p.m. but possibly later. We thought this might work in our favor for the concert and discussed how we should handle Red Line customers and the possibility of a bus.

Post Event
Once the disruption concluded, we were pretty much in place with our fare sales placements (by 10 p.m.). As previously mentioned, we weren’t sure what to expect with the timing of the Red Line and the concert letting out. We also did not have a Supervisor until 10:42 p.m. We decided to hold off on contacting Bus Dispatch, as we weren’t sure if we would have 3 or 30 or any customers who would miss that last Red Line. The last Red went through as our Supervisor, Tom (unit # 9503), arrived in his truck. I asked him if we should have a bus to help with Red Line customers since that was the last one of the evening. He said no, that it was regular service and that was it.
Lauren staffed the WB tent:
Fare Sales total: 62
Chris staffed the EB west-end platform:
Fare Sales total: 24
I roamed, keeping an eye on TVM 63 (this machine was not taking quarters and had a questionable “out of service” sticker on it. I say questionable because I’ve not seen one of these before, and it was accepting other coins…) on the EB east-end platform and also heading over to the WB tent when I saw a line building up there.
Fare Sales total: 19
We elected to have 2 of us concentrating on EB because the concert did not break until after 10:45 p.m. For customers who were able to board the Blue at around 10:50, we mentioned the #12 from the Hollywood TC as a possibility to get them to Parkrose/Sumner, as well as just trying to get them on board to get to Gateway. Most were receptive to the #12 option; and then we had quite a wait after that train and the 11:18 to Clackamas. Without the PA, Chris and I went through our platforms and checked individually to make sure those looking for the Red Line had a plan. Most customers were amenable to the idea of taking a taxi from Gateway; others elected to catch a cab from RQ rather than waiting for that Green Line.
WB cleared mostly with 11:12 to Willow Creek. Hillsboro bound caught the 11:15. Others for downtown boarded the 11:22 Green for City Center.
EB cleared mostly with the 11:18 to Clackamas. The Ruby Junction cleared most others at 11:22.

Other notes:
Lauren mentioned helping quite a few new riders and those unfamiliar with the system.
We were also curious whether the last two Yellow Lines of the night were actually cancelled: transit tracker indicated no trains after 11:45, instead it just posted the first train of the next morning. By this time we were back at the office, so we weren’t sure if this was truly the case.
Also, I think it would be helpful to go over the process of requesting a bus if one was needed to help with Red Line customers.

Lauren and Chris may have additions to the tome you’ve read here; otherwise, let us know if you have questions.



· To Portland reroutes for #4-6-9-44 should start (When notified by dispatch), BDS message went out saying not to start at begin of service. Due to Signal head change on Grand.
· #54/56 reroute changed to “Regular to 6th/Pine, C-6th, R-Irving, R-5th, L-Hoyt, L-into North Terminal.”
· #19 reroute changed - Line 19 CBD Shortline: (from TO Portland reroute> C/5th, L/Columbia, L/Jefferson, R/6th to Yamhill and reg. until clear.
· #15 reroute changed - Line 15 (CBD Layovers) from your To NW 23 reroute from R/Jefferson layover between 4th and 5th @ the 54/56 zone then L/6th, L/Columbia, L/2nd to Salmon & reg. until clear.
· 7:06am – #4-6-9-44 starting their “To Portland” Grand Ave reroutes
· 7:12am – TSA bus did not follow routing to Rose Quarter
· 7:50am – Unrequested parking removed on 13th between Holladay & Multnomah (west side of street), since it was removed, shuttle buses were moved there for staging Pre-event. Would like this parking removed in future for shuttle buses
· 8:40am- all locations staffed and set up for parade
· 8:50am- Solv escort started
· 9:33am- WALK started
· 9:56am- Solv escort ended
· 9:58am- Parade started
· 10:27am- stop at 6th/Salmon needed to be closed for duration of parade
· 10:31am- All shuttles moving to Rose Quarter for post-event
· 10:48am- All shuttles extra’s in place for post event
· 11:54am- Lead at disband area
· 12:10pm- Tail entered the coliseum at 12:05pm
· 1:07pm- Grand Ave back to normal traffic
· 1:15pm- Burnside Bridge back open
· 1:23pm- #12-19-20 back to regular route
· 1:25pm- #17-54/56- back to regular route
· 1:35pm- #4-35-44 back to regular route
· 1:39pm- parade is over
I helped run the shuttle between Lloyd Center and Rose Quarter for the event. There were no major operational issues. The buses were a backup in case some of the inbound Max trains at Lloyd Center left people behind. I wasn’t at the Lloyd Center location but I believe only a few bus trips were utilized. The buses were then sent and staged at Rose Quarter (my location) for the post event movement of people. We banked the buses under the I-5 bridge next to the tracks. No shuttles were used for the post event. Train service was sufficient. When the equestrians began moving through the area to the arena, it shut down our regular bus movement through the transit center. At one point, police allowed inbound movement through but not outbound. We had approx 8 outbound buses lined up through the transit center waiting to proceed right on Multnomah. This caused a delay of approx 20 minutes.
The weather was on our side today mostly sunny and warm, with a little breeze. This is one of the most enjoyable events we have every year. Everyone is in a good mood and feeling celebratory and joyful. I had two excellent TPD officers at 6th and Salmon with me, who did a wonderful job of clearing the intersection and helping with the bump through of trains and buses. They had already yellow tapped off the corners, to help with crowd control. There were plenty of natural breaks in the parade, that no train was held very long.

Operator tried to explain to passenger that HC pass did not constitute payment but passenger did not seem to understand. Operator suspected it was a language issue. Operator transported and marked as “No Pay” on manifest
The operator reported when he arrived for his passenger he came running out of the home with out staff and ran to the bus. The operator went after him to make sure he was safe and when the passenger got on to the bus he sat down and immediately slid out of his seat and onto the bus floor. The special instructions for this passenger stated that staff will board and deboard the passenger at all pick up and drop off. When the operator asked the home staff about that they just laughed and said its not a big deal. The passenger did not need medical or have any injuries.
When I called the home, staff person asked what she could do for me when I announced who I was, I told her that we were waiting for staff to arrive for the customer she told me that we should just leave her with the nurse. I told her that we do not do that that the we leave them with the responsible party and the problem now is that the nurse says her appointment is next week. The staff person said yes we know that we made a mistake.
Driver arrived and Jo came forward stating that he is to take John Krug with her as her PCA. John was to be dropped off at his home address not going to Safeway with her . I let the driver know we cant take him as a PCA if he isnt going to the same address and he had canceled his ride also . Jo became very upset and yelling at the driver .When he put her cart against the wall to strap down she says he slammed it and she was going to call customer service . Driver arrived at for her at 14:13 and was able to depart until 14:27.
I was riding my bike past one of your vans where the driver was idling and having lunch. I asked him to turn off his van if he's just sitting there. it's 80 degrees out today. he wasn't running the AC, just doing what he probably does every day. Please have all your drivers read this?
Thank you for your e-mail regarding the LIFT vehicle you witnessed sitting and idling.

There are may be reasons a LIFT vehicle may keep the engine running while providing service to our customers. When we receive complaints from citizens regarding either the noise or the exhaust fumes from our vehicles while they idle, we immediately investigate. Sometimes the engine needs to remain running so that communication equipment and the mechanical lift will operate properly, sometimes it needs to run so that the customers inside the vehicle remain either warm or cool, depending on the weather conditions. If it is possible for us to turn off our engines at specific locations, we will do so, unless it adversely affects our ability to provide service to our customers.

If, through our investigation process, we discover that a vehicle operator is not doing their part by turning off their engine when they are stopped for five (5) minutes or more, and there are no extenuating circumstances that require the engine to remain running, we take corrective action. This action can include additional unobserved road checks, counseling of the vehicle operator and, if warranted, disciplinary action.

If you can provide me with additional information as to the vehicle number, where you observed this (an address will be the best information) date and time of day. With this information I will be able to identify the vehicle by using our GPS tracking so we can investigate and address the LIFT operator.

I'd be much more interested to see a policy created where all drivers are informed that if there's no good reason to keep their vehicles on (actually, it should be longer than 10 seconds, not 5 minutes), then they shut them off. You'd save a lot of money that way, and our City's air (which is some of the worst in the country) would be better off. I'm not interested in penalizing one driver - it's a company-wide issue. Again, here's an article that outlines what should be happening and why. Perhaps getting a copy of this to all drivers and encouraging them to read it might be best?

Please feel free to contact LIFT Customer Service if you have questions, concerns, or comments about service by calling (503) 962-8000 and selecting menu option 2 or by e-mail to Staff is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM to assist you in resolving matters whenever possible.

On June 20th, my afternoon driver tied down the front of my wheelchair to my armrests. They should not be tied down there. They could break. I tried to let the driver know however he did not understand me. Maybe make a note in the manifest to not to tie down to armrests.
Also, my morning pickup is coming way too early. They take me right work. Today I arrived at work at 630. My hours are from 730am to 300pm. I need help getting ready before I leave the house. I hope my time in the morning can be adjusted. I hope to hear back from you. John
Passenger xxxxxx put gum in yyyyyyy hair. The operator was off the bus when the incident happened.
Driver said the odor was really bad, opened windows to transport next psgr and then return to the yard.
The driver was reported hitting a no parking sign and knocking it down. Dispatch did not receive a report regarding the accident. The driver was later pulled for a Direct Action. There was a Region 2 driver that witnessed the incident as well as an Employee at the Edwards Center.
Customer mainly urinated on himself. Nothing on the floor, just a very little on the seat.
Operator reports Mr. Hoyt is visually impaired and has difficulty maneuvering his power scooter. Operator reports as she approached the service stop to board Mr. Hoyt; Mr. Hoyt maneuvered one of the tires on his device off of the curb and almost tipped his device over. Operator reports Mr. Hoyt did not tip over and remained seated in his device. Operator reports Mr. Hoyt informed her that it was the second time that had happened. Operator reports she attempted to verbally guide Mr. Hoyt to the lift platform, however, he had difficulty with taking direction and comprehending his left and right.
Kristin has a new power chair, she was having problems operating it, the driver, Linda, asked her if she could turn down the power setting - that may make it easier for Kristin to control. When she suggested this Kristin became very upset - yelling at Linda and swinging her arms and kicking her feet as if she was attempting to hit her of kick her. Linda was able to step out of the way and avoid having kristin strike her. The staff from Oregon Employment Svc had to come out to the bus and assist her off the bus.
As the driver was escorting the passanger to their door Marlene lost her balance and fell off the side walk. The driver tried to catch her but Marlene only grabber her arm. There were no visable marks on Marlene and she is with her home staff.

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