Friday, June 22, 2012

This note was sent to a Trimet driver from another driver

(note the driver referred to here is also thinking of leaving)
"I don't know how you maintain such enthusiasm for this job.  You do everything so well.  I can hardly drag myself to the bus each day, and don't feel anywhere nearly as motivated as you."
I feel like telling Rob that I can barely get to work anymore.The thrill is gone as B B King would say.Another driver,Nora, told me yesterday that when she got to sign up,the only straight was an 11 hour run.She is totally demoralized as it has dehumanized her.
I am so tired of bad paddles,dirty buses,old equipment and the ugly attack by the press
and the Fuhrer.Too bad that I have a Dr.Harris coming up soon.


Anonymous said...

Its not only in operations. Plenty of us in maintenance feel the same way. Not sure i will make it here long enough to collect my little pension.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that made the job worth coming to was the benefits. Now that that is going, this job is going to suck even more. Management blames employees for their poor decisions and goes to the media and stabs us. Management takes NO RESPONSIBILITY for Their IN- ACTION and BAD DECISIONS. It is the union's fault for everything. This place is going down in the proverbial hand basket.

Lack of planning , poor leadership, no investment in the existing plant have all but doomed TM. I look for a management company such as Veolia to take over the daily operations before long, while the present rape and pillage management jumps with their Golden Parachutes.I plan on leaving the minute I can. Bye Bye Neil, you win.

Al M said...


Anonymous said...

When Neil and his team began their public media assualt on regarding the labor contract; we recognized TriMet's leadership made a choice to demoralize frontline operators and mechanics.
When Neil and his team decided to impose added costs to every union employee and ignored the established principles of bargaining in good faith, we recognized TriMet's leadership held no regard for the law.

TriMet has lost it's way. They have demonstrated they lack skill, knowledge, honesty and ethics. The current leadership team will never recover. Their credibility with the public, elected officials, and the employees, is gone.

Ride the bus Governor Kitzhaber. Go out on an 11-hour run. Seek a restroom break, manage your stress with traffic. Keep the schedule on-time. Stay positve if the wipers don't work or the bus overheats.

Anonymous said...

What will "our" leadership do with these conditions?????