Friday, June 22, 2012

Trimet already redesigned the internal website

Now they are redesigning the public website, when it comes to technology nobody will leave anything alone.

  1. First, take a look at the new website prototype here.
  2. Then, send your comments and suggestions to Was it easy to use? Did you experience any problems? What could make it better? If you're reporting a problem, please let us know which computer/device and web browser you're using.


Anonymous said...

They devote a titled section "Getting a Sustainable ATU Contract" and signigficant editorials on their new website.

Erik H. said...

It looks good, but still it is a huge waste of time and effort when buses are crapping out, bus stops are miserable, the ovens on wheels still exist...must I go on?

At what point does TriMet become a "virtual transit agency"...will we play the TriMet game by Zynga on Facebook, build our own little transit systems like Farmville? TriMet is so obsessed with its massive I.T. department that it is putting it above...well...SERVICE. Websites don't provide transit, buses do. What good is the best transit agency website, if I can't get to where I'm going? TriMet already had a decent website - now focus on the other things that need fixed. Because it isn't a small list.