Saturday, July 14, 2012

HOW TO FIGHT BACK-from facebook

Union Brothers and Sisters. Please remember that we are no longer protected as we used to be in our jobs. The only way we will be able to fight back is to be sure and FOLLOW ALL THE RULES & STAND TOGETHER!! No matter what. Make sure that the new members of our local are well informed by the existing membership. Don't slam management to them, but explain what we have worked for all these years. Make sure they understand why we are upset, but don't lose your cool. I personally know that maintaining myself is going to be very hard right now, but we must be UNITED as members. You know, I love the money, too, but if we begin to not work all the extra that they want us to then, they will have to make more cuts that will not be reflected back upon us. Protect your rights as a Union Member, invoke Weingarten Rights, do NOT cross the threshold of the managers office without Union Representation. Use your Constitutional Right to Free Speech, not in this forum so much as sitting down and writing letters to the Governor, Representatives and Senators. Remember, that these folks were elected to office by UNION MEMBERS! They need to be reminded of that fact also. There, I feel better now. My letter to Governor Kitzhaber is already on its way. STAND UNITED!! Don't take it out on your Station Agent, they are Union members also, but stand up for your rights. If you have to have a restroom break... TAKE IT, but push that Outmessage button, before you get out of your seat. When something is wrong with your bus, DO NOT open that engine cover, its not your job, its the Mechanics job. Lets see how the company likes it when we follow all of their rules. I can almost guarentee you that they won't be happy, but at least we are not doing anything wrong. Greet your passengers when they get on the bus, even when they respond agressively, do not get back in their face. Remember to smile and make them wonder what you're up to.

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