Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BUS OPERATORS (especially the new ones) may not care about our fight against management

But there is resistance forming in other areas of Trimet, seen on FACEBOOK:
Rail operators, and riders had better brace themselves for signal failures with no defect call in response. A recent decision by Rick Kindig MOW Manager in regards to call in policy is going to put the final nail in Trimets coffin for getting any signal maintainer response to after hour callins. I expect that we will see full participation in the overtime boycot by the maintainers. 100 degree days are notorious for causing signal failures and I fully intend to let the phone keep right on ringing as the temperature rises. Suck it Trimet management.


Anonymous said...

No mandatory overtime. I won't feel bad to let it ring. Their issue is we worked too much on overtime and callouts, made too much money. The part they forget is that we took care of the problems 24/7 with the manpower of one shift. They just don't remember that.So I guess we need to help them out with that goal of no overtime. They do the planning and the lack of hiring, but blame us for their poor management. Their decisions are having a bad impact on riders and workers alike.

railsignalman said...

Management certainly has the right to restrict overtime. But what they cannot plan for or restrict is trouble calls after we work our regular shifts which is now 7-330pm with a token guy until 530pm and a night shift 10pm to 6am M-F. 5 journeymen on days and 5 on nights. While that sounds great, the problem is this expanding system needs everyone here at the same time. This allows us to keep up on maintenance and gives a larger pool of workers available for call-outs and scheduled work for special projects. The new plan forces people to turn down OT call out work because if you accept, you will be held for an entire 8 hr shift.
We actually do have lives and may not want to have to stay a rolling 8 hrs just to hang a crossing gate or other signal problem on the weekend.This will now discourage the few who were willing to take after hours calls. Not a good way to treat those who make you look good and go the extra mile to help.