Friday, August 31, 2012


I guess one thing is good at is providing entertainment with games like 'which tvm works today?' Or 'will your bus show up today?' 

It's a palooza at Millikan Way! Both cash TVMs don't work! Leave it to to pull this off. 

And then wd have the infamous failure of TVM #135:  

Newly programmed TVM. But it's bipolar. It can't decide whether you can pay with cash or not #136 at millikan!

that is a lame suggestion. For Tigard residents now commute is up to 30 minutes longer. I should not be a slave to

Last ride on the #17 <> goodbye #17, thanks for the good times  

smokers ignore MAX no-smoke rule. Pitiful wheelchair patient with oxygen tank gave one an evil-eye. Enforcement?

Also counted 30+ people on a crowded line 17 NW 21st last rush hour. Standing room on a route TriMet deems unfit to exist. 

The 19 is stuck at bybee and milwaukee. There's a gas leak in the neighborhood. She's waiting for reroute.

Grumble... Grumble... Trimet... Grumble...  

after the last fare increase, it became cheaper to drive than take the bus (at least if you don't pay for parking) 

The effect of the loss of fairless square will have exact opposite of 's mission: To get more cars off the road. 

I ordered my monthly Trimet pass back on the 20th, haven't received it. Freaking out now. That pass is expensive & I need it TOMORROW!!! :( 

Trimet conference at hotcake house 

Wow, just learned that one of Portland's most progressive transit policies ends tomorrow. Some things too good to last:

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