Friday, August 24, 2012


Why does the trimet twitter have followers? How? I dont get it 

Back on the 17. Overheard: "You're six. What are you going to do with a cell phone?"  

Things that don't make sense: 's choice to power wash stops at prime travel times 

FYI one of the validation machines at the MAX stop 3rd & Morrison isn't working - been over a week .. 

Fuck Trimet. Ass holes

. Golden use of Twitter. should take a lesson. 

bus 1800 no headsign no wonder people "don't ride the bus" if there is no effort to make it easy to know where the bus goes 

No announcements on bus 2523, line 94 this morning. Seems to be a problem with the bus APACU's with route 94

and not on the blog: why kept riders in >100 deg buses instead of putting A/C buses in service early for "good cust svc"

Fuck the Trimet ticket machines.. 

FFS. Is there no way for me to TriMet to without spending an entire hour on the bus?

Either I rode a better class of bus in my jaunts around the city or TriMet’s gotten far skankier. 

I texted trimet and they texted back saying "Service access denied"

Trimet sucks hairy grandma nipples. 

Cool. The trimet dude stopped for me to get on even though I wasn't at the bus stop :) 

Shame on you green line not opening the door while sitting at the city hall stop for 5 min so the lady w the baby could board. 

omg trimet, i hate you. 

My ass is numb. I wish trimet buses had nicer seats. 

Wow bus driver just told patron he needs to be able to carry all groceries in one fell swoop  

Goth chick who just answered her phone: "Hello? No, fuck off."  

The hippies aren't paying customers either. One thought that he spotted fare inspectors at Gateway and they nearly left the train.  

falling on people while on trimet

Was starting to wonder if any buses are going from downtown to mcloughlin today 

Hotter than Hell on this train.

Vicky in the pass-by-mail dept. is one of the most helpful people I ever deal with in any agency.  

2 of the validation machines at pioneer square on the going to Hillsboro side don't work. 

Had scary (ER if meds didn't work) migraine symptoms earlier. Drugs downgraded to headache. Still taking Trimet home. Can't deal w/commute. 

I uploaded a video Two Girls with Cerebral Palsy Are Mad at TriMet Bus Drivers

Stupid WES, always making the bus wait.



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