Saturday, August 25, 2012


Wake up at 5 and get ready to meet up with on time, and a faulty TriMet ticket machine makes me miss the bus. Figures. 

Omg I forgot to complain about he bus passes being 205 dollars this term fuck you trimet fuck you 

And then the other trip planner tells me completely different routes. Wha? 

.’s trip planner: start at a #4 stop, and it tells me to walk to another bus, then another… then eventually switch to a 4 later. Wha? 

Deaf couple eating popcorn on bus. Silent chat interrupted b/c hand is full of kernels. Pops into mouth, grins, completes phrase.

Trimet is the only number i can text, knowing i will get a text back.. 

I just got kissed by a completely random gay drunk man. Gotta love and  

My bus driver just shut off the bus due to “problems with the door.” For some reason, I expect a SWAT team to converge on us.  

I really do not want to get on trimet *throws up in mouth by just the thought* 

Ah, those old Trimet busses were sweet. Memories of my youth. 

Say, the bench at stop number 236 (Barnes and Leahy, on the 20) has a loose board. 

broken bell cord on bus 1828 right behind the driver

Trimet makes me want to give up on life

I really dislike Trimet lol  

Vehicle hits TriMet train at SW 2nd/Morrison, downtown Portland. Apparently no one injured. 

BO on the bus. Thanks

TriMet setting up proof of payment at JW stop. FYI. 

Bus is now 30 minutes late.  

Elderly couple gets on the bus. No adults give up their seat so they can sit together. Teenage girl does.  

Why doesn't turn it's busses off during bridge lift stops. Gross and wasteful. 

My plans for seeing it finally were thwarted by not being up for an hour on TriMet

line 57 run canceled due to lack of operator. Where is the service alert tweet from ? Unimportant b/c it wasn’t MAX canceled? 

My mom is calling Trimet to complain to them. 

Doorons (noun): people who stand outside max or streetcar door blocking my ability to exit.

I'm waiting for the day someone on Trimet fucks with me. 

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