Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Todays seen and heard on Trimess

It's sad. Makes me wonder why have rules if won't enforce them? 

Big effing wasp nest @ TriMet Beaverton Creek MAX Station  

So you cheerfully keep selling 2-zone tickets but have no intention of honoring them? you're not very good at PR. 

Still no response from as to why lack of sched signs is acceptable level of svc.  

When is going to remove the Frequent Service banners, seeing that 12 is no longer FS and 94 certainly isn't S of Tigard TC? 

I forgot how the inside of trimet bus looks like hahahaha 

so whose project is this? being secretive with why nothing done.  

bus 1744, #3 window right side has a bullet hole in it.  

Phantoms lack an operator locker. Oper recvs complaint abt bag on floor, takes up priority seat instead. OK? 

Fare supervisor Robert "Golden Lips" Wagner knows there is an issue with the new fare increase software for the ticket machine. 

Wow it's like didn't even read what you said. Disgusting. Also irritating that they're emulating SF Muni issues from 2007 

I hate taking the 8. I hate taking the 75. I hate Trimet.  

Pls explain to me how 65 people standing in the aisle isn't a safety issue, nor warrant more frequent service?  

interesting. The machine states they won't be sold after 8/20, yet sold me 10. You need to fix that.  

A 1700 on line 9 is a sign TriMet has given up on us. 

I want to smack people who play music out loud on the max train. Especially if it's rap. It's so irritating.

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