Friday, August 31, 2012


I got a new Job in Beaverton problem is I cant get there on time!I live in SE can't you guess start the Green L just an hour sooner? 

That means rates are up, routes are down : Eff. Sept. 2, we are adjusting schedules and routes on 29 bus lines. 

Well, blowing past passengers DOES help TriMet achieve better on-time performance! 

& I be ridin on the trimet on the max & on the bus Ahahaha Wooo ! Woo ! Woo ! Lololol 

Where is the 94, Neil? (@ TriMet Barbur Blvd Transit Center)  

 Alex Jared @AJH1993
I choose (read: CHOOSE) to pay $100 to ride the bus and can't provide public restrooms?

Fuck banks. Fuck trimet. Fuck people who don't stand to the right on escalators. FFFFFFffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu 

Trimet worker actually thanked me for being sweet since everyone keeps giving her shit today. Because it's her fault ticket prices went up. 

Sure wish that 59 was staying on its current schedule! 

Back to School Party on the Trimet bus (free toys!) @ Trimet Bus Stop 428  

I didn't know that it was still cool to sit in the back of the bus, especially on the trimet. Haha 

give my love and praise to Ken, the driver of #8967, the 89 driver I mentioned. If that's something you still do, I mean. 

Passengers hug driver of line 89 for the last time and say farewells. I love driver/rider relationships like that; just wish TriMet did too. 

are you fucking kidding me trimet? youth is now 1.65$ & adult is 2.50$ wtf. okay & no more free rail zone. okay cool. so everyones fucked. 

AND we'd have to pay payroll tax, too!!! 

My final free rail zone wouldn't have been complete without the smelly lapdog next to me on streetcar.

i want a system that is fair and equitable. Not one that favors PPS but others pay?? 

screw you for upping prices on 1 month passes 

Forgot to validate a fare getting on MAX from Lloyd Center to Jeld Wen and ended up w/ a court date and $175 fine. Fuck TriMet so hard

It's interesting to see how much protest against MLR there is. No one except execs really want it.  

Fuck you guys. Hiking rates up and no free zone?  

These people have are right: the trimet ticket machines never want to work 

Dear Trimet: where the hell are all the 35 Greelys today? No love, someone standing at a stop for 45 minutes. 

once again will you PLEASE clarify, do ann pass holders get a grsce period? My employer says so. PLEASE respond, this is 3rd ask 

There's a trainer sitting across from me with "checkride workbook." I have a million questions, but train is full + he looks tired. 

Shooting reported in Gresham weird another related crime !  

Euuuhhhh.... Bus #19 eastbound from downtown reeks of urine. *holding my breath*  


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