Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Excellent. 1st 99 driver finally came back, 5 min before the 2nd one is due. Gonna be long commute since he obviously wasn't trained 

Then the 33 drove off without even stopping to see if anyone wanted on. 

Great. Just watched my 99 make wrong turn before getting to my stop. The very 1st stop. Bad sign when can't even find the 1st stop 

Love how every time I buy an all day ticket, I use trimet once, but when I buy a 2hr ticket, I end up having to use it all day 

A juggalo on a TriMet bus is significantly more tolerable than anything related to Greyhound.

#35 vanished from TransitTracker, header is broke.  

I've chosen to live where I've been able to walk to Fareless MAX for a decade. Now Trimet passes are how much? Oh. I see.I hate you trimet

Another standing room only 94 tr 06/ what is going to do next week? Screw over something THAT WORKS!!! (unlike WES) 

What has it been, six weeks since anyone touched 's big dig hole @ Barbur TC???

*sigh* Missed the bus! I guess all the arm waving and wishing didn't help. #35

your ticket validatir is out at the 172nd Max station 

Safety comes first at .  

Did my TriMet driver really just get off the bus for a smoke break? Yep, sure did.

Daniel Uthman@DanUthman

Another Monday, another shade of puke on the Hollywood MAX train platform. How about it

Wow , how do you keep losing #1 Vermont busses? They just vanish, leaving us stranded at stops. Get it together! 

ingenuity: "let's run a 20 year old 1700 on a busy bus line like the 15 just to screw with them!"

TVM #135 is still fucked up. The screen is flickering like always. Fix it. 

Ah yes, some enterprising guy on Max trying to sell tix that will be useless this time next week. He says he's offering a good deal. 

Hopefully he won't find some1 who doesn't realize the tix will be no good with latest fare increase. My guess is he will.  

And of course we've been sitting at goose hollow for the past 5 minutes. Why not?  

Tell me Trimet, is this new 21 line servicing Sandy going to continue being unreliably 8-10 mins early and late or will it have a schedule?

Your need to draw attention to yourself by repeatedly yawning overly loudly on a quiet bus is revolting.  

Watched yet another low floor bound for merlo garage pass our old 1800 bus on the 62 route. And yes, it was a 2900.  

Some nasty woman sitting across from me on the bus is picking skin off her feet onto the bus seat. That's just repulsive.  

Skipped my weekly pass in favor of this week. Only a few bucks more and the money goes to an organization I actually like.

Every NoPo experience I have pushes me further toward car ownership. 

Coworker had her bike stolen right off TriMet rack this AM. 2011 Cannondale Synapse. Blue & white. 52cm. Crunched right pedal. Pls RT. 

It's nice to see how far ahead we are of some, but after being in NYC, has so much further to go.

The driver of bus number 2710 seems to be having a bad day: short w/ riders, dismissive glances, etc. 

Running for the max, then missing it, fuck you trimet! I wanna get the fuck home and smoke a bowl.

pub trans better in europe (xcept gypsies in paris), everybody uses it, trimet 2 much $ for those that need it most 

Why is . so screwed up? Ticket machine says no 2zone tix will be sold, yet that is what it sold me. 10 of them. Invalid in 4 days. 

bummer, unless u have a short walk 2 bus and go 2 dwntwn pdx during rush hour, trimet full of desperate, poor, criminals 

trimet sux! pub trans much better in europe, not full of desperate people,netherlands, italy, paris (xcept gypsies), easy and efficent 

Back from errands...5 days until TRIMET becomes a "Bum Free Zone" more free rides for bums & smelly homeless people! 

So I saw this guy on the Trimet Blue line and I've concluded that there are two possibilities here and both leave...

Can you legally buy a taser in Oregon? Cause’ the guy sitting next to me is showing me his.  

The idea that line 6 is duplicated by Streetcar is like saying Milwuakie light rail replaces Amtrak Cascades. V. different. 

at Pio square: two registers open, 21 people in line. Seems to be a war of attrition. After 10-15 mins people leave... 

trimet is terrible, people who need it most cant afford it, light rail=longer distance to stop, more transfers, less services 

Awesome. I'm at a bus stop where everyone else is smoking, well within the required 10 ft distance. Joy.  

Haha how did the Trimet hysteria last night start? Just saw one person suggest it and then gnashing of teeth. 

Does anyone else think that the Portland Streetcar sounds like an approach alien invasion? Or am I just nuts?  

The tweekers on the bus go tweek tweek tweek. I love  

Oh great. Loud baby on the bus. THAT'll be a great way to start the morning and put me in a good mood...  

God dammit , an early bus is worse than a late one. The 35 blew by #2186 3 minutes early. 

Fuck you trimet. Just fuck you 

. Another good use of twitter, ... Letting bus riders know of service disruptions 

Another glorious standing room only rt 94 tr 0606. You'd think TriMet would IMPROVE service next week...not cut service 

My 94 tr 0606 is busier than normal. Methinks our leader is sitting on a flatbed truck crapped out again. Gotta love those 1400s. 

, not one of the three ticket machines at Millikan Way is taking cash 

Trimet bs 

So what day is the official boycott Trimet to protest their pricing, reduced services and death of Fareless day? 


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