Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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Worst-case "excuse", single-car broke box, easily verified. MT : fare boxes on MAX trains? fare evaders have no excuses. 

Still not accepting coins, 3 days later. ": I'll let Maintenance know the ticket machine at Flavel wasn't accepting cash." 

just tweet they always reply to me, although they usually just say "it's your own fault" 

This bus smells like burnt toast and pinesol and I am the only person on it  

I bet TriMet loses at least a million$ a year due to malfunctioning ticket machines. How much can it cost to keep them working? 

Dropped off and waited for bus to work. drove on right the eff past me. @ Vista Bridge  

I sense if the WES actually hit that thing, it wouldn't do much.

A/C is blasting on the MAX this morning. Pre-cooling for the pm? It's cold!  

Trimet Yellow Line MAX rider presses emergency button, asks driver to announce to ”kids who can't read” that platforms are non-smoking. 

I missed the bus because it was early and the bus that came after that was 10 minutes late. A+ job  

Yes, driver, I use my red light to signal you because I've been passed by drivers who couldn't see me. Namely, you. On Monday. 

someone with a weapon at the MAX station, 82nd Ave.

needs voter approved $. Restoring credibility ought to rate higher, no? Higher fares=better service would help. A lot 

Trimet is to much for me, I don't know how much longer I can take riding that shit everyday. 

So many trimet twitters have retweeted that tweet. Like get off my page I hate you 

Gentleman driving bus 2827 on route 17 right now is a great driver. Kudos! 

Trimet ain't never on time 

cool, just like trimet. Upside down 

": METRO IN DC IS SO DAMN EXPENSIVE OMG WOW. Like holy shit I thought trimet's price hikes were bad." Me and Sam shit y'all not 

trimet fucking up 

Vague Trimet directions are vague... (@ Argay Park)  

Worst-case "excuse", single-car broke box, easily verified. MT : fare boxes on MAX trains? fare evaders have no excuses.

When MAX honks at you, that doesn't mean "Go ahead and cross." It means "Get your ass out of the way." A lesson not clear to some. 

Best thing about the Robertson Tunnel in is that cellphone people on the Max finally have to shut the hell up. 

BEST NEWS OF THE DAY! Thanks! RT This morning, the old trash cans were removed at the Lents Town Center/SE Foster MAX station.” 

as the streetcar continues to suck, trimet continues to ignore the issue.  

bus stops to be built like this. TriMet has a whole set of employees who design MAX stops - why aren't they 

And what about the continual issues with the bus stop at 4th & Hall? It is ridiculous in this day and age that TriMet allows 

There is absolutely NO EXCUSE why there isn't a proper bus stop two weeks ago. With shelters, Transit Tracker signs 

TriMet demanded a $20M contingency fund...TriMet had no problem bailing out WES ($80 million worth, plus new RDCs) 

Man I can't stand riding trimet too much longer 

Overheard on the 9: "I'm not putting on any more lipstick until we're safely at home."  

You know you're on McLoughlin in when you have 45 min to make it 5 miles and only barely make it.  

Traffic jams, crowded bus, 90 degrees, no AC, and now the bus sounds like a Buffalo in labor trying to get up Molalla Ave hill.  

Good news: our regular 5101 operator is back. Bad news: the bus is a greenhouse.  

Well, the bus decided to show up. Pretty pathetic that my expectations of are so low that i'm just happy when the bus shows up. 

Bus talker has no one to talk to so he's whistling, tapping his feet & talking to himself. Pretty sure he'd explode if held still.  

Only one car for a 5:30 evening eastbound MAX? It is so ridiculously packed.  

Great. The 51 bus is 12 min late. It's not like i needed to get home or anything...  

I hate waiting for trimet

A lady just had a seizure . That's the weirdest way to protest 's 20% fare hike.  

Love how the guy gets on the train and makes Abigail deal about flagging a door the works as out of...  

Drunk/sweaty smoker-guy on the 6 bus smells like what I imagine Iggy Pop smelled like every day in 1973.  

Or you get to the stop, knock on the TriMet sign pole a certain way, & a bus rises out of the payment... 

Seats at Stop 13123 (SW 6th and Madison NB) are super loose and wonky. Can you get someone out to adjust them? 

the ticket machine on 5th & Yamhill (TVM #715?) is stuck on this screen. FYI  

Hey ? Bus driver on 2642 running rt 77 right now should remember to use his or her yield light when entering traffic.  

99 Sardine run, broken overhead sign and no AC. Awesome 

giving line #52 a short bus is not a smart idea. Especially at 5pm during the week. #1902 



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