Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

TrimetScanner Tweets are HERE!
#5 best transit in USA says newsweek

Jesus, this woman's hand lotion smells like Raid. She just boarded long enough to expose the rest of us to her pesticide fumes.

None of the cartoon characters on the TriMet posters have teeth. They must be trying to appeal to meth addicts subconsciously. 

Oh--damnation on and totally insane for you at work. Funtimes for you :D 

Someone is scrubbing and pressure washing the roof of this bus shelter  

Word RT You Say She Yo Rider But To Me She Trimet.. Anybody Can Get On Lol 

cause you're older but you're a bad driver and bitch about dying and riding trimet alone hahahahahaha 

If you depend on for your main source of transportation why would you go on and to bad mouth them!!!! 

I would say bus 2553 has a broken shock or something. Does not surprise me with how he drove 9 hours ago taking me to work! 

bus 2553 has serious issues with front right wheel. Grinding when stopping. 

stop id 5239 4 buses passed stop 756pm -807pm not one line 9 or 19 why? <Belinda Jackson> 

Just learned that, while MAX and WES fares are 2-hour, bus transfers may be LESS! Am I the last to know?  

all these mother fuckers that can drive and im like, "I ride a pretty cool trimet bus" 

the problem wasn't being late. It was that he was early. And the next light was 4 blocks away. Not an issue. 

Of course we could have cheaper, more frequent busses that actually run on time if wasn't wasting so much money on new light rail. 

If I have to pay $2.50 for the bus now, I expect it to show up on time. Seems that's still too much to ask. /cc  

The fun of 22 year old buses:Bus 1626:broken left side bell cord, loose front doors&an out of date fare sheet

There is a misprint on the new maps above the Streetcar doors. It should be SW 11th/Clay, not NW. 

Oh yea. And the front doors on bus 1626 barely close all the way and are very loose.  

i ride a bus. Those old 22 year old ovens on wheels, that won't replace because of $$$ 

bus 1626 is the same one i rode last night. The bell cord is still broken & the old fare sheet is still there.  

I'm on the early bus and I'm still gonna be late. Gettin real tired of your shit Trimet

Fuck you, . Because of you, I am late for work once again. Build bigger parking garages at your southwest locations. 

If I die before I get to Hillsboro, just know that my last few breaths were nearly 100 percent Aqua Velva.  

I wish we had a school bus man I'm tired of taking the trimet

There's a guy my age knitting on the MAX. Showoff!

About to take the bus...first time taking it since living in la. I'm lol!!! 

has more meth heads sleeping and asians whispering than ever before

Fuck you trimet now I have to walk the long way home.  

I like Ctrans model of customer service, phone, small amount of CSR offices and pick up passes at grocery stores. Could Trimet emulate? 

In the middle of Burnside waiting for a disabled woman to slowly cross. Light turns. Bus charges at me & honks. What a jackass! 

Oh my goooooooooodnesssssssss, I hate fuckin wit trimet!!! 

Hottest spot in ? The shop downtown. 20 minute wait for a clerk. 

I hate Trimet. I have to walk home 

has more meth heads sleeping and asians whispering than ever before  

Where is the bus? It supposed to be here two minutes ago? Why do I always have this problem -_-  

Then again, would just tell you to ride MAX! If you didn't have MAX service, too bad! Stay home! Bus doesn't go anywhere...anymore. 

Oh joy. The bus is about 7 min late. More waiting for me!  

Someone on this bus needs to take a bath.  

Oye. A/c must be out on this train. Easily 100+ degrees. 

When the Trimet guy lets you get on for free(: 

agreed! Everytime I use a ticket machine BOFA suspends my card for ”irregular activity” 

it would be nice if your ticket machines accepted US Bank debit cards. I've had three different cards not work. 

Being able to use my phone to buy a trimet ticket is amazing when the machines always deny my valid bank card.  

Reading through the tweets people tweet to trimet is truly ridiculous ! Lmao 

I love having good conversations with people on Trimet. Well as long as they're not creepy. 

Best not to get near 82nd MAX stop at night. Someone pulled a gun last night. Neighbor was robbed a few blocks away. 

= cool coworker I know how you feel with public transit. Sometimes Trimet is like that here in Portland. 

Thanks for stranding me once again, with crappy transit tracker and a no-show bus. Walking again, and pissed.




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