Friday, September 21, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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Thanks to service cuts I will have spent 4 hours taking two trips downtown from my house. Way to make service suck

Can always tell afternoon 33. Bus smells like a Bob Marley concert. Going to be wearing tie-dye & having raging munchies by the end

Ambulance, Fire Truck, and stopped MAX Green line down by Pioneer Square. Not sure what's going on.  

Make that twenty-five minutes late.  

Huh. The 12 line is now consistently more than ten minutes late. Thanks for endangering my job,  

parents control your kids on the max. When thry climb on the seats, they will get hurt. Train 203A  

it must be something to do with TriMet's extensive parking lot testing process. Something about when the bus is stopped. 

Oh joy. It's the jackhammer bus again today. Thank you, . Now my headache will be even worse. I needed that... -__- 

This is the worlds slowest TriMet ride 

Why do the most annoying people keep sitting behind me on the train? (@ TriMet Sunset Transit Center)  

Holy crap! Just saw a 94 with a 26,27,or 2800 bus! You really know how to surprise don't you,

The beauty of a one car lane transit mall  

oh wth, trimet's gettin nasty 

too many eggs in one basket (and a incident waiting to happen) having All MAX lines using the Steel Bridge. 

Thanks for not alerting me about stop ID 2417 being closed.. who dropped the ball on that one?  

Thank you, , for giving us a 1400 this morning that sounds like it could die on us at any minute.  

bus87 gatewayTC, 7:36am no show. That driver cares about nothing but himself. Get someone responsible so ppl can get to work on time 

So freaking PISSED . I don't know WHAT they are doing with the streetcar but I'm going to be late to work thanks to that. 

Some TriMet drivers are SUCH homies 

I'm a little rusty at this whole trimet thing. I just missed 3 busses in a row.  

ticket machine at MAX NE 7 Ave EB out of order. 

ticket machine at WES Hall Nimbus out of order. 

The gushes about benefits at Top 100 (private) Employers but is shocked public employees get vacation leave and Trimet passes. 

Thanks bus drivers for CRANKING the heat. I totally wanted to start the day overheated and sweaty in shorts and a Tee. /sarcasm 

Jesus Christ trimet can’t even be on time for the first bus of the day?!?!? 

man making offensive dalai lama jokes on -- not sure if drunk/mentally ill/in bad taste?  

Bitch ass trimet rent a cops. 

This bus smells like dirty pits and rotten Onions

Seriously, ? Your trip planner doesn't recognize 'Hawthorne Bridge' as a location? Bravo....

A skinhead just heil-ed the bus. It's like watching a pun in action.

I've been on the Trimet for 4 hours! It's like being in the Twilight Zone.

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