Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Friend Adron Hall a big Trimet fan

He seems a lot more pro Trimet after living in King County. Needless to say I disagree with most of his stuff but he is focused on "costs" and such. I really don't know much about King County other than what Chad has told us here. But I do know that Trimet is near the bottom of the list when talking efficiency. And you must remember, ONLY 12% of commuters use it. That's the tinniest fraction of the population and there is a reason people don't use it, IT SUCKS, unless you live in downtown Portland it sucks.
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Anonymous said...

You should follow Seattle Transit Blog if you want to know what King County Metro has been doing. People who are *serious* public transit fans, who will support practically anything, are chewing them out.

Al M said...

Seems like most cities besides Portland actually cares about transit.

The difference is the lack of diversity in Portland.

The second whitest city in America, not much goes on in Minneapolis either, the whitest city in America.