Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Seen and heard on TRIMESS

Things are not going well at Trimess

Damn you Trimet and your inconvenient line changes. 

I don't understand why people are such dicks to Trimet workers. They're just doing their jobs and you're just trash.  

<3 the driver who just sang a gorgeous, jazzy "Happy Birthday" to a guy who got on the bus :-)  

Is group have any comment for decision to degrade southwest Tigard svc with less svc, older buses? 

Is decision to replace newer low floor buses on the old 12 with its oldest non-A/C high floor buses on midday 94s "better service"?? 

Has the idea ever been floated of handing out bus/MAX/streetcar passes as an alternative to parking validation downtown? 

Finally something getting fixed! Way to go . Time to fix every one of them!  

curious as to how much trimet bus drivers get paid? a hell of a lot more than you think.  

An easily-identifiable religious weirdo on my bus? How could I not take a picture?  

So from now on Ima have to pay everyday. $5 to go to work and home. #$5 

line 9 train 01 bus 2607 front overhead sign is out 

Consoladation 16 & 17: morning bus at standing room only. One thing coming downtown from SE, another from st johns  

haha. Got the CORRECT info from

because Trimet sucks. They recently did their changes and things appear to be fucked. Had back to back no-show buses yesterday. 

Anyone know why trimet MAX lines are super crowded and running slow/behind today? 

Trying out the new 17 Holgate/Broadway. One seat from home to the yarn store. 

People on trains: Don't sit with your damn legs in the aisle! 

Yeah, why is TriMet cutting essential regional bus service to pay for a Streetcar in circles with $10M in TM $$$? 

God damn you took away my reliable bus route and left me waiting for a bus that may or may not be 10 minutes late. This sucks! 

Driver of bus 2523 hassling me: $0.10 to upgrade my all zone fare. Trimet said only 1 and 2 zone fares need upgrade. Blah! 

: Uhh I guess ima take the bus this afternoon. Man fuck Trimet.” get a car lol

we hit something? Luckily we stopped while car ran red light at full speed. Avoided major crash. 

FAIL: All Airport ticket machines frozen, "out of service" or not reading credit cards. Web contact form not working on smartphone. 

Wow, never taking the 72 during the school year again.  

Ug half an hour early. Grrr the unreliable #77  

I hate catching the trimet bus for school< 

Uhh I guess ima take the bus this afternoon. Man fuck Trimet

Screw Trimet for coming so early! 

Made it to work, early even. Who knew that a bus could go from 0 to OHMYFUCKINGGODWEREALLGONNADIE! so quickly and efficiently. 

How convenient that this stop doesn't have the stop ID number nowhere so I can't find out where the bus is  

Not pleased with the new driver on my route. Been late to work twice now because they keep showing up early and not waiting. 

20K lb bus hurtling down the open road so fast I'm skeptical that all the tires are touching the ground. Whee!  

some days for sure. What this guy didn't know in downtown he's making up for by driving like a bat out of hell now. 

Ah, lovely. Today's morning 56 driver is completely lost. Keeps looking out the window for his stops.
Having buses that can't keep an ontime schedule BEFORE 6am is deplorable! Tues, 10 mins late, this morning? 20+ WTF?!?! 

Goddammit, . I get to the now-a-17 stop ten minutes early, and Tracker now says I won't get a bus until the NEXT one?!? 

Since took away the free rail zone I have been walking to work and I'm trying to find a bike. You ain't getting my monies!


Anonymous said...

Erik: maybe TM puttin the old buses on the 12/94 just to torture you...hmmm think about it.

You guys with new drivers learning new routes:

DUH!! This us the biggest single change in TM history. TM has 1000+ ops. No way to get them all trained prior to change. YES IT SUX. Its gonna take a learning curve for everyone: operators, sups, pax, cust svc reps EVERYONE. Chill out and plan ahead. Don't hop on the last possible bus/train and then cry foul. Yea they are as lost as you. DUH!

Al M said...

Ya know i was thinking the same thing.
They might have put the shit bus on that route just to torture Erik, ya never know!