Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Friday, September 21, 2012

What's happening with the Barbur Blvd TC project

TriMet Resolution 12-09-78 Authorizing an Increased Change Order Allowance to the Contract with I&E Construction, Inc. for the Barbur Bulevard Transit Center Stormwater Retrofit Project

"To date, in each geographic phase I&E Construction has encountered areas of conflict between the engineering design documents, unforeseen existing underground components of existing systems, and unforeseen soil conditions."

"ODOT and BES have agreed to pay the increased cost to complete the Project."

Bottom line: You really don't know what's in something until you open it up.


Al M said...

Bottom line they will suck every penny out of tax payers they can!

Erik H. said...

That's an interesting contract written by TriMet, approved by TriMet, for a project managed by TriMet...

...for a project TriMet has nothing to do with (per a Tweet).

It's interesting how nothing in this resolution actually explains what the problem was. I wish I could go to TriMet, say "I need more money, blah blah blah" and get it passed with virtually no discussion or debate as to why I need more money.

If you're I&E Construction you can.

Jason McHuff said...

As explained in the resolution, TriMet is indeed managing the project. Is it "TriMet's project" in the sense of initiating, led, funded, etc? No.

Also, you completely ignore the negotiations that the resolution notes took place, and the issues that have been encountered.

Erik H. said...

Funny how you accuse me of ignoring something that isn't in the resolution. I guess I'm supposed to be psychic.

Jason McHuff said...

something that isn't in the resolution

"As change order proposals for issues encountered in phases one and two were further negotiated with the contractor, it became apparent that the costs to resolve these issues had been previously underestimated. In addition, the work on phase three had begun, and reinforced the experience of unforeseen conditions on this Project. The amount of this request takes into account the experience of the previous phases to project a change order allowance that should be adequate to complete the Project."

Also, it notes that "I&E Construction has performed well thus far".