Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Attack on the Line 33

**UPDATE 12:16AM** 
KATU now has an article out about it:

**UPDATE 12:04AM**
Police: Man attacked a TriMet bus driver with a knife. Suspect restrained by passengers. 4 people total to hospital. Conditions unknown.

**UPDATE 12:00AM**
 Driver of the 33 bus involved in the stabbling is a 53 year old male with stab wounds in the abdomen. He was transported to OHSU

The TriMet scanner twitter feed says it all:

Beginning around 11pm (10/2/12)

woman attacked by man on 33 bus, other riders intervene and hold the man down and and beat the crap out of man

now man has been stabbed

Leonard was assaulted

 Line 33 is at Molalla and Clairmont in Oregon City. 4 injured, stab wounds. Classified RED on the triage scale 

 Leonard was stabbed

 4 patients (53, 49, 21) stabbed by a 19 year old male. 53 and 49 year old males went to OHSU, 21 year old Male to Emmanuel

 19 year old male is the stabber and being delirious, transported to Willamette Falls

The operator, Leonard, was either the 53 or 49 year old male who went to OHSU 

Four people have been transported from the Oregon City incident on Molalla Ave. 3 taken to trauma center. Sunrise crew working on the story.

More to come as soon as the information is available...


Steve Fung said...

Thanks for reporting this incident

Max said...

Wow, is there anything I can do for Leonard??

Al M said...

We got the call on this...just havent put it up yet..ya thanks adri...

Al M said...

It'a Leonard James btw

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, guys. Would've kept it up if i could've