Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Screwing our retirees is HOW WE ROLL

Monday, October 8, 2012

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First I really want to say Sunday was a good turn out for the members. I would love to see that many bodies there every union meeting because we are really going to have to lean on each other to get through this. I know a lot of people was surprised that Ron through his hat back in the ring. Folks let me tell you something. I have been here at ATU for a little over 29 years. The managment team that we have at TriMet now are going to eat us alive if we don’t get someone with history who know how to play hard ball. We spend the best years of our life on our job and then the managment want to steal from the back of the front line folks. Neal go out to the press and say we are the cause of the finanical short fall, but look how he go out and hire none union employees and pay them big bucks to try and bust the union. He speaks like a snake. We all made a few mistakes in our lifes. No body walks on water. Pull your head out of the clouds and use the gray marrow in the brain and think this through. You don’t have to like a person but respect what they can do for all of us. I know what kind of contracts Ron has gotten out in the pass and can do now. We need the knowdledge that Ron and Jon have to move us forward. I am sick and tired of seeing our supervisors being forced to do jobs they didn’t sign up for, dispatchers shifts being changed with a whim, overtime dropped because managers are saying don’t fill the shift and our inspectors are almost invisible . Don’t let me get started on my office I could be here all night. I decided to run for Monthly Rated Employee Executive Boaed officer because I want to start writting officer reports again to inform our folks what is going on and not leave it up to the rumor mill. Fight for your folks. At this stage of the game I’m willing to give them hell. Neil McFarlane needs to go and take a few more with you. The tax payers (us) deserve better. Remember we need not to fight amoung ourselfs that is what the company want. We need to stand UNITED. Devided we loose. Love to all my UNION BROTHER’s & SISTER’s

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Henry Beasley said...

Wow! I love her columns in the Labor Press, we need voices like this. But this part I totally disagree with, everyone that thinks like this does not know the poison pill that was added to the last contract, that a lot of Brothers and Sisters lost their jobs over. We have a new manager that will except new and inovative ideas from members that pay their saleries. We need to move forward not backwards. Don't let me get started!