Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Choo-Choo Changes: The new head of City Hall will be a “transportation mayor”

 But the biggest transportation problem the city faces is in the financial morass at TriMet. The agency hiked fares and cut service this past summer to make up a $12 million shortfall caused by falling payroll tax proceeds (which was false and they failed to report it)
TriMet’s Board of Directors answers to the governor, not City Hall, and Gov. John Kitzhaber’s office says TriMet is becoming a larger worry. “The governor is concerned about TriMet’s financial situation,” says Kitzhaber spokesman Tim Raphael. “The board and general manager need to get the agency on steady footing and restore its credibility.”


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Al M said...

And if they think they are going to continue to try to blame this mess on the union labor then they will need to get their collective heads out of their ass!