Saturday, November 3, 2012


Been getting lots of comments from current employees who "feel sorry for me" because I am making some posts that are anti operator. I have my doubts that this blog is 'going to kill me' as some commentators suggest.
What you see before you is the abstract for a book which will come out some day about the life of a Trimet operator. It was not all good there. Good management and bad management. Good leadership and bad leadership. Good operators and horrible operators. I was strident for the riders. I did everything I could to lessen the stress on their lives. I admit myself that I completely disregarded rules that I thought hurt people (like the stollers and the fares). I constantly made unauthorized stops,I let bicycles inside the bus, I never called the cops on anybody although I suffered some of the worst abuse possible from frustrated riders, and I even gave away transfers to homeless people. ( I remember this black woman who lived on 15th somewhere and she was so mad at how late I was she put her face one inch from my face and hurled all sorts of insults at me and unintentionally spit on me,  no I didn't call it in) In short I did whatever I could do to help the riders. I saw my role as subservient to riders, not superior to riders as many operators feel.
Everybody working at TRIMET is making HUGE MONEY. The riders are making shit, or they wouldn't be riding Trimet's buses. I had a problem with that. Basically we are profiting off their misery and that is not something to be proud of. (especially if you know your bible).

Finally, this blog does not exist for operators or Trimet employees, the viewership is the general public that is interested in hearing about the inside of Trimet operations. My content is found nowhere else. It's unique. Without my coverage of events there would be no coverage of it.
 Trimet propaganda would continue being the only information available.

The main reason I left Trimet was so I could blog in freedom away from the harassment of Trimet management. The job itself became miserable  with all the cuts creating frustrated riders, the constant suspicion being an operator when something went wrong. In short it became torture to show up for work. And when that happens its time to go, the money is not worth it if you're miserable.

Finally for those who dislike what I have to say, DON'T READ IT, live in your bubbles, life is easier that way.

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