Saturday, November 3, 2012


Ahh to watch Neil Mcfarlane is really something. He is so under control that Lane Jensen can't even get him to blow his cool. The master of lies and distortions. He got away with that PHONY BUDGET CRISIS BULLSHIT, of course it necessitated complete cooperation of our phony bought and paid for media which colludes with Trimet on all aspects of reporting. And now we see Neil again, preaching more bullshit. I brought out in a recent post HOW ALL THE SAFETY CRAP WAS FAILING, because there are more accidents now than the year before they started the stupid 'rectification' nonsense. Here is Neil Mcfarlane just recently making another stupid statement:

I am really pleased that we are beginning the second year of Operator Recertification. This grew out of our Safety Initiative – and in my view has become a real center-piece of making safety a value at TriMet. You should know continuing this class is a priority for both me and our Board of Directors.
This class is a priority because we know operating a TriMet bus is a hard job. Taking a day to freshen up skills and maybe even learn new ones, and checking in with our top-drawer training team is something I hope all our operators look forward to. Last year, the day focused on basics – like how to scan. We got very positive feedback from the operators taking the class. This year, the ‘theme’ of the class is ‘how to identify and manage risks.’ I hope this provides even more tools to sharpen our operators’ focus on safety. I’ve had a chance to review the material with our Training Director, Allen Morgan. I think our operators will find it really helpful.
Our trainers will also be sharing best practices on customer service. Each of our operators is the face of TriMet to 330,000 riders every weekday. Making our customers feel welcome improves life – if only for a moment – of those we serve, and when done well will improve safety of those on board as well. I always ask people to think of that golden rule – treat others the way you would like to be treated!
As I said, operating a bus is a hard job. I have all the respect in the world for those who do this so well every day. My hope is that this year’s recertification will refresh the focus on safety first, and also provide some important customer service tips. To all of our operators – enjoy your training, take advantage of your time with our training supervisors, enjoy the day, and make sure you give us your feedback so we can build on this for year #3!

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