Sunday, November 4, 2012


I need to make a few things known.
A: I DO NOT go after drivers. I respect them, respect the fact that they have a very tough job. They deserve our upmost courtesy while on the bus.
B: I DO NOT make trouble on the bus. If I do not know the driver, I stay quiet.
C: I AM after TriMet Management. They make these rules that are almost illegal.
D: I DO go after inspectors who do not know the rules. They shoot their own foot, I’m just filming it.
E: I WILL shoot video of fare missions. It is interesting to me to hear the excuses why people don’t have fare.
F: I do plan to film at Transit Centers. I have a project that will require me to be close to Gateway Transit Center. It is a safety issuee.
G: I ENCOURAGE all comments be submitted this site. If you want to duplicate your comment on youtube, fine.
H: I WILL expose the lies of Neil McFarlane and JC Vannatta.
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