Sunday, November 11, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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Trimet bus.Only place you smell perfume, incense, B.O., and pot simultaneously.Couldn't bottle it if ya tried
-wish you were as vigilant about fixing your machines as you are checking tickets. I used to brag about great transit in pdx

after my ticket was eaten this morning, my train was held to check tickets tonight.

bus 71 just passed me for no reason while I was waiting at sandy blvd...why?

Heading to work so lucky this bus has a heater i was freezing outside 

Weird looking ticket validator gave me a weird looking time stamp on my ticket

Trimet bus.Only place you smell perfume, incense, B.O., and pot simultaneously.Couldn't bottle it if ya tried.  

These news buses sure do have that new bus smell.

Cause im whippin' dnt mean im gon' give er'body a ride haha. Ya'll taking trimet if anything fck all the riskin' & shit

For subject on bus resisting arrest - had to use leg restraints - RT : TRAUMA | 4050 SW LOMBARD AV | 22:34:03 

Portland: where people are so nice and passive they say "no you go first" 10x before getting on the bus.  

Gahhh I love riding the ... Friggin classic stories on this thing... 

Nothing like almost getting side swiped by a bus!! Muscleing her way over when she was behind us first!  

Really pissed off at trimet right now. Plz get your act together I have been CONSTANTLY running into problems with your machines lately 

All this talk of Trimet has got me wanting to hit up Portland again. Sadly, they don't have the Free Rail Zone anymore. 


This max lady is boss. She gives heads up where Trimet police will be! 

thanks for having machines that won't take myVISA.Not being able to buy 10 tix at a time is too inconvenient,and troublesome  

Yes! Bus driver let us wait on the bus while he has a layover! I can feel my toes again! Victory!  

buses have the most pathetic sounding horns...especially the 2900s  

Everybody on the bus always looks really unhappy to be here

Driver got an attitude w/me bc I flagged her down when she passed my stop as I was arriving 2 min before bus was due. ?  

People stay breaking Trimet windows on 82nd lol 

Definately not as entertaining as your TriMet adventures! 


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