Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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fare inspectors storming the bus like the Gestapo
Man emphatically reading out loud on MAX. Not a language I recognize. Must be important, to him.

Trimet bus drivers are REALLY good at recognizing the "HOLY SHIT I MISSED MY STOP I NEED TO GET OFF RIGHT NOW" look on people's faces. 

There's some lazy-minded court argument from 2008 that TriMet is legally required to accept ALL advertising b/c 1st Amendment 

Trimet needs shuttle vans with bike trailers like the UC Santa Cruz ones that take students up the hill to UCSC. 

nah I see now that real-time doesn't seem to be working at all for TriMet. That's weird. Investigating.

But what does care!? It's more money for them!! And local Muslims will still have to use their service! Win-win for trimet!! 

This is incredibly offensive. What gives, ? You allow hate speech on your busses!?  

your website doesn't say how often shuttles are running from Wash. Park. Can you give an approx? 

folks are generally thought as being against light rail but the driver's actions this morning were over the top.  

Love that this bus driver comes up with creative rhymes for each stop inspired by street names and nearby businesses!  

bus bridge vehicles should be articulated with all-door boarding during bus bridge, and with signal priority along bridge route. 

Brutal. really need a consistent, documented, and published response effort for these situations. 

lift drivers doing some training this morning

And so begins another clusterfuck that is now a regular feature of commuting on Trimet

TriMet = non-punctual time rapists 

Bus just sailed passed four of us at the very visible stop. Mostly empty. Not inactive. Thanks, TriMet

Apparently the MAX shuttle route goes right by my school. These things are packed! (And yes, it is a 1400).

Fuck and their disappearing buses 

Vehicle blocking NW 5th at NW Everett. Expect green line minor delays. 

The man that pulled out in front of the train could be overheard saying that he didn't do anything wrong and that the train hit him.  

Not having a lot of confidence in this shuttle bus since the driver needed directions to get to downtown Portland 

Ticket machines not working at both northbound and southbound platforms at Killingsworth MAX Yellow Line 

There are a few drivers that make the morning commute just a lil easier THANK YOU STEVE #72 clackamas! Great smile & interaction  

It must be SO HARD, . Finding drivers that close the doors after 2 seconds and then wait half a minute for the traffic light. #208 

Line @ Beav TC for bus bridge was 5 across & 2 busses long just now - not bad considering; lots of TriMet staff on hand. 

Trimet fucked me over once again  

how bout in future you let customers know service isn't running before letting us go from Hillsboro to Beaverton and then telling us 

Must be pretty hard , scheduling too many Green lines and not nearly enough Blue lines EVERY MORNING. It must be SO HARD. 

Having to shuttle bus is really messing up my commute this morning 

The driver on bus 2919 (line 20) is showing a lot of grace under pressure this morning. 

I swear... Every time I try to go to work early trimet has issues. 

Validator and ticket machine are out of order at Rosa Parks stop to downtown. 

I love when the bus is packed like cows in a pen  

tip: let riders know before they board that the DT bound trains are not going there today 

The fragility of felt when one wrecked car can make thousands late for work by shutting down ALl of the trains. $11 to park dwtn ;( 

Wondering if these "accidents" that keep taking down MAX lines are really accidents. Could be Clackistani terrorists.

Two bus no-shows and the next one is 6 min late. Oh boy  

when max is down you should really alert your buses that go to the max stations that there's issues so they can inform passengers. 

Fantastic. My first shuttle bus experience. This should suck a ton. 

Worst commute yet. 25 mins and only 1 train going west. "estimated" times keep moving. Notice of service issues would be nice.  

Ahh Trimet adventures at 2am...on the bright side I was told I'd make a fabulous bus driver. Summer job?...I think so 

Holy shit a car coming off off hwy 26 at cedar hills exit was going so fast it flipped over the median and into the max tracks

Niggas talk about how much bank they got but still be on Trimet

Would bee helpful if would NOT change full trains in the middle of a commuting nightmare...just saying...  

Suddenly freezing on this train. Did someone open a window? 

Wow, just wow. peoples patience starting to wear thin 


Omfg seriously trimet . You're fucking up 

Holy shit what the fuck am I paying $100 a month for? Each month you have MULTIPLE catastrophic service interruptions. Fucking sham. 

fare inspectors storming the bus like the Gestapo 

Today was largest MAX disruption since 2008, when Steel Bridge op damaged catenary wires during a lift, knocked out service 4 days  

by this law, the KKK, who's still active in Oregon, could pay for an ad that says "KILL ALL N*****S" and trimet would allow it 

Heads up-only one ticket machine on N side of Lloyd Center tracks is working. #52 is dead. #51 took 3 tries to run my card. 

Was MAX always this unreliable, and I just didn't know because social media didn't exist? Because I'd be PISSED if I relied on it.  

fucking aye, will this trimet bus ever come? 

I jump off the max cus there was a cop checking for tickets. Why does trimet have to be so hot now a days 

Straight-up non-punk hobos on this train are discussing their fashion choices in detail. Trimet, I missed you. 

Uh we have the largest population of jackass bicyclists in the world I think. 

Is there a rule stating that every dog brought onto the train must be a pit bull? Am I missing something? 

It seems to be where someone is dumping construction tailings. Maybe for the new Trimet bridge? 

This what you see on trimet smfh

My new MAX stop has a slightly different vibe than the end of the line in Hillsboro.

MAX isn't passing through Sunset today apparently. Thanks for telling me after I'd been on for several stops,

Ominous guy on : "You can tell I'm part of the machine, can't you?" 

He is working my last nerve right now. @ Trimet Stop ID 11813/NE Multnomah & Interstate

trimet why is the shuttle bus from btc going to stc? Isn't it more efficient to run buses direct from each tc to wash park?

Man next to me on bus smells like hot dogs.  

Only one yellow max train at peak riding time. you and  

Got hustled by someone on the bus for money. Nowhere is safe! If I give you a dollar will you go away?! >:( seriously! 

Trimet is fucked up...get ur times right  

It took 3 machines to finally purchase a ticket. What the heck is going on here.  

if none of your ticket machines work you shouldn't be checking tickets.  

checking them twice no less. Why don't you spend some money on machine maintenance. 

Cool. I have to leave at 6am to get to work for my 8am shift tomorrow. F u too trimet. Hillsboro sucks with their bus routes. 

I thought they fixed the Red/Blue lines issue. What happened??? More damage than first seen??? 

conductor warns the train not to buy tickets after you see a fare inspector. No worries, the machines won't work anyway.  

You know what, ? Wd be nice if nearest bus was closer than 2 miles. I cant walk to it b/c I'm disabled. Transpo so hard where I live. 

I'm disabled. I shouldn't have to take a cab to the transit center to get where I want to go. Over 2 yrs trying to find solution.


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