Friday, November 16, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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So glad I pay $100 a month for the privilege of getting screwed by the worst bus system in the country.
Lol I hate the bus and trimet fuck! 

The chick w the Mohawk next to me smells like cotton candy!  

So glad I pay $100 a month for the privilege of getting screwed by the worst bus system in the country.  

Fuck you Trimet. Why is the 8:16 bus never on fucking time? 

This is such bullshit. Missed my usual first 99 because driver pulled out early & my 54 is a no-show. 

On one of the new trimet busses. It smells sooooooooo bad. 

Yeah it's those horrible workers, and not a poor business model set in place by the top at all 

workers always get the blame. Ask

Hey Not cool when drivers crearly see you running for the bus, you're feet away from the door, and they drive off without you

I feel like I could just curl up in this window seat on the and take a nap! Happy friday  

this morning was the first time I have had to leave my seat and stand by a train door due to the BO of a woman who sat next to me. 

I like how this 94 is so empty this morning Oh... we haven't pulled into Barbur TC yet 

Thank you for running a lil behind, sporting a cold, didn't need to run far to catch you 

Scary place to be @ TriMet Willow Creek/SW 185th Ave Transit Center

I'll have an orgasm when I'm tweeting on 4square where I'm at on a TriMet bus that has caught on fire with my backpack if alarms going off

I am annoyed but feel worse for the people who were waiting for a yellow line train and didn't get on.  

Why is it so hard to make sure that the sign on the train says the right thing?  

can you explain to me why at least once a week I get on a green line to Clackamas only to have it change to yellow after 3/4 stops? 

The other night at RG MAX, a small TriMet army created a de facto turnstile entrance. Why won't TriMet go to closed-fare system?

"New bus" smell is much preferred over "Did something die on this bus?" smell.  

friggin hate trimet

I really wish had a face, so I could kick its face in the nuts so hard it barfed poop. A tornado w/ ADHD is better organized -Fatboy 

Bus 1630 has squeaky brakes and is beginning to get on my nerves...  

I had a similar experience - I also had the fun of being cut off by not one but THREE Trimet busses. Ugh. 

Swing by Lloyd Center, my stop. Not a single machine works competently! Been that way for weeks! 

Fuck the trimet cops they ain't shit. but these bitches deserve stitches 

along w k-9 police unit, more fare inspectors & citations replacing warnings, the red line now takes you to an internment camp  

If you're going to have a conversation on a bus for everyone to hear pls use real words: irregardless  

Trimet, it's your job to take me home. Where my train at 

Thats bullshit. Shoulda gotten your change from a trimet meter. 

Bus 1630 just flat out sounds like crap.  

Literally a ROW of TriMet cops inside a fenced-in area around the Rose Quarter checking fares. Because turnstiles are too expensive? 

Fools on TriMet  

Sardines @ TriMet Millikan Way MAX Station

Oh and I just adore the girls with a rat on a leash ride'n watching it pee an poo on her hoodie is a hoot, yuck!!! 

Are animals that are not service animals not required to be in a lockable carrier,bet if I brought my pit would be on my shit 

You know you're in the country when they say trimet busses look like space ships... LOL 

"New bus" smell is much preferred over "Did something die on this bus?" smell.  

Someone on this train smells like balls. Yes, those balls.
Come on 2 green lines in a row and no sign of a yellow at pioneer square! I've got places to be! 

trimet happened. Just your typical poorly organized overcrowded overpriced hyperfrustrating PDX transit experience. 

Oh the bike racks are full on the bus? Good thing I have a foldable bike and can still ride!

How can a train that's supposed to arrive in 5 minutes just disappear from the list of arrivals? Where could it of possibly gone?  

Hahaha should have listened to . The TriMet 47 disappeared due to some sort of transit snafu. On my way 

what have you done with the number 4?? I want to go home!


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