Sunday, November 18, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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Thanks transit cop for not believing us that the N KWorth yellow line ticket machine wasn't working... and kicking us off the MAX.
Wow. Trimet is serious. There are transit cops with guns at the Rose Quarter after the Blazer game. 

Someone threw away my headphones at work, guess I have to buy new ones because cant stand trimet without music. 

Sometimes I hate waiting for the bus so much it makes my eyes twitch.

I wear a scarf because, a majority of the time, everything smells like garbage. —, Days of Woe. 

There is a trimet bus that runs out there. I wish there weren’t. 

To all riders: DO NOT use the validator 115! It will just stamp the current time, not any later time & your transfer will be useless 

I get two tickets for my normal commute every day. Thanks to the idiots, i am now not sure what i'll do going home tonight w/o fare 

Fucking validator 115 at kings hill decided to validate my ticket for the time i put it in the machine! F you

Tvm 115 at kings hill/sw salmon and tvm 117 at goose hollow

my #33 bus arrived!   but when a 6:07 bus arrives at 7:25 is it still considered the same bus?   

of the six of us who got to the bus stop at 6am, only two now remain. am I on a new   reality game show?   

  where is #33? it's an hour late "looks like somebody forgot about us, standing on a corner waiting for the bus" 

#33 Line 33 buses delayed due to maintenance issues. Delays expected for the next hour. 

really screwed up my night tonight... 

F*** public transportation -_-

Thanks transit cop for not believing us that the N KWorth yellow line ticket machine wasn't working... and kicking us off the MAX. 

i hate the seattle bus system!!! trimet > trimet is the shit 

I hate trimet...why do their busses have to be so early? 

1 of them took all the tobacco out of a , left the tobacco all over the seat.

She just flipped of !

I hate when trains stop in the middle of a stop  

Thanks, for once again proving that I should run out into the middle of traffic cause even though I'm waving at you, you drive by. 

- at the Kworth max stop the machine wouldn't take my card. When I told your agent, he acted like I was lying.

Oh Trimet, why were there two 14 buses in a row that broke down? :(  

Then waiting in the cold 15 more min for the next train to go to the game. Fix your equipment, .

Cannot rely on Trimet

I hate waiting for trimet -.- 

I fucking hate trimet

Ah, Sunday. The day of Ghost Buses that appear on TransitTracker but never at the stop.  

Nothing like the bus driver looking you right in the eye as he pulls away...  



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