Saturday, November 3, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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Nothing more frustrating than waiting for a scheduled bus to ferry one to important meeting & bus goes rogue on schedule
I just saw a drunk old guy spit on a bus seat. Thanks for the entertainment. 

How bout I just skip that class, I hate trimet buses 

I was standing here . Was that 5:05 77 invisible? A phantom carriage? Or just a lie?

How are people so rude? I'm sitting between a smoking woman and a teenager loudly sucking on ice. Eww  

It's raining so something on doesn't work. Transit tracker. Damn clouds. 

The person next to me on the bus smells like Campbell's chicken noodle soup.  

20 minutes between buses for “rapid” service isn’t useful for any one trying to be carless. Fix your system. 

MAX trains not permitted to open doors at Holladay station "due to protest".  

Food and water being delivered to 'evacuees' on trimet bus. RE Cornelius.  

My sister always want me to drive her places. . . . Then I do cause Id rather her not take trimet. . .

7668 dead on side of Hall N of Durham 


ticket machine that takes cash is still broken. Can't buy ticket. Been like this going on a few days now @ 82nd  

Why are my pockets filled with 3 lbs of dollar coins? I was dumb enough to feed a $20 bill into a trimet machine.  

If Trimet is down there helping with evac, I wonder if the Sheriff is down there monitoring... 

MT : Asking for a Trimet bus (for ppl being evacuated) - Neighboring houses being evacuated 

oh no, they are calling trimet for a bus. Watch the nut show up. Oh wait maybe it is him? LOL LOL 

Zoo validator only stamping minute so you can read it - not hour or date 

Bus 1780 has the check engine light on.

This bus smells nasty! It's one of those where it's a lot of different icky smells mashed together to make it even worse. Bus 1780  

Going to try to seattle! Seems pretty comfy so far. Definitely better than

Oh well - glad I left early! This train is out of service. Now I have to wait for another train to come along. 

2 of the 3 ticket machines not working at Beaverton Central. 

Dear trimet, your website seems to suck the most when I actually need to use it. WTF? 

The only good thing about the really old trimet buses, is that handicaps and strollers can't come on. Lol  

Happened to my friends bus his line 4 is bad but trimet dont care and he got punched 2 weeks ago and no suppirt  

: Fuck you Trimet police. Y'all just made cause you can't be a regular cop 🔫” LOL 😭 

Hey ! Ticket system down at Killingsworth stop.  

and to make it better, that train backs up all trains behind it. Nice job. Glad I pay $100 a month for shit service.  

train 240 decided Elmonica was the last stop for Hillsboro bound train during Friday rush hour? What do we even pay for?  

What happened to the 5:19 at the rose quarter ? Hopefully 5:34 will show up! 

might have some ideas on who to contact but start with Ed Rosney (cont)

Nothing more frustrating than waiting for a scheduled bus to ferry one to important meeting & bus goes rogue on schedule  

Bus 2635 on line 1710 waited for someone running like crazy to catch the bus. Awesome driver
This Bus Driver Keeps Pulling Over Because Hes Speeding And Hes Too Early. #22  

The Bus Driver Just Ran The Stop Sign On Shaver #22  

Hipster wake-up call. You could probably catch that bus you were running after if your skinny jeans weren't belted at the knees  

This pic is from yesterday, , but I'm sending it again because it still looks like this (Killingsworth stop).

RT we need more 4 buses they are late and always this over...

These aren't pull ups/drop offs. They're parked, period. 


Joy. The bus is showing a 'scheduled as' time. Cause that's what every rider loves to see.  

Wow... I can't buy youth TriMet tickets anymore..  

Come on, Trimet, where's the goddamned line 16 that I've been waiting for 45 minutes on?   

I hate when im driving bumpin my music and someone doesnt like my music. Shiiit u can catch the trimet man 

Bus Driver (#4 2317) from dwntwn to NE took time,showed great patience explaining route to confused passenger.Great customer service  

(1 of 2) Today there were problems with the Willow Creek machines. I was given a citation which was later downgraded to a warning..

so did a bus disappear? I don't understand how one shows up slightly late and one doesn't at all!  

24 minutes with no bus. So full, people are standing over the yellow line I didnt get on because that's not safe  

2 Nov Seve@tehprofessor
now the next bus is late. There are ten people waiting. It has been over 20 minutes.

especially when the previous bus shows up early and the following one isn't in sight after being 9 minutes late.  

why is the four always late? Why do I have to pay full price for inferior service? Why? The ten is on time. I see it pass. 

Bus couldn't see me in the shelter at 3600 Bvtn-Hlsdle and blew past me. Can you do something so we can use the shelter and be seen? 

I want a giant rubber stamp that says 'STFU' on it to stamp on the forehead of this chick on my 54 that won't get off the damn phone 

"You see what I'm saying?" No, bitch, we don't 'see' what you're saying & we're all sick of hearing it too.  

And time to run off to school, well, more like take the slow ass Trimet bus. Holla. 

I dislike trimet

that's fucked get a hold of trimet and report that bus. They have records of who took what trip at what time. 

This asian dude just serious walked away from his bacpack on and the driver is lookin left away hard.. is tis  

fucc that african ass nigga! takin yo trimet ass job too god damn serious you ol' fucc nigga!! 

Trimet exclusion..woohoo! Hahahaha 

Transit police are on it today. It's funny to me that trimet used its old bus drivers for that shit job

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