Sunday, November 4, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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Lesson Learned : never wear your work shoes 1. On the trimet . 2.. ANYWHERE outside in Portland. Smh.  

. I would like to see use the office to influence Trimet's scheduling decisions just as Sam Adams did w YouthPass. 

do you ever wonder how many people loose their jobs because they can't get to work on time due to your service failures? 

no respect 4 people needing to get somewhere on time. Taking a train our of service & lying about another coming right away is crap. 

. I agree about an elected board. Would also like to see some bully pulpit action as did w PPS passes. 

we all know that trimet needs a change. You're not showing us anything new 

Well, I was hoping today would be nice, considering the extra hour of sleep I got. I hate Sunday schedules  

So should tell their driver that they're drivers and not lawyers. And that they shouldn't threaten me. 

This driver also called me fat. That's nice. I was NOT impersonating a driver. That implies I SAID I was a driver, which I wasn't 

On streetcar, is doing passenger surveys. Some folks are choosing not to do them. Kinda silly. 

Trimet police usually just stand around to scare people. 

Twice in one week almost had my bus pass me at full speed at well-lit stop 3613. No acknowledgement of mistake from either driver. 

jeez, Seamus. I'm sorry Trimet has actually turned into Detroit DOT. I joked about it last month, but 65 minutes??? yeesh.

Fuck trimet and everything they're about.  

I'll see if we can grab a machine number when we go over there. Are you disputing the claim with

quatama lol, umm I got trimet on my ass though, but ill make it there. 

Fuck trimet cops, paid for his ticket and their still busting him for not having school I.D.

Fuck trimet cops, paid for his ticket and their still busting him for not having school I.D.

I'm suspicious enough that Trimet asked to see my fare.  

Just found a stack of the those Trimet tickets you stick in the machine to validate on the ground  

. East side streetcar: a boondoggle that will be tough to recover from. Elect board to help make better future choices

getting on the new trimet bus at night is like entering a whole new tron legacy zone. holy shit. 

after hurricane service: 10mins; on Sunday service: 15 mins

My friend wrote this: Dammit, , pull your head out of your ass. You want me to pay the fare? FIX YOUR FRIGGING MACHINES. 

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