Monday, November 5, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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To walk from Lloyd Center or just hold tight? your trains get backed up at the most inconvenient times. 

The max is down ..... Fuck this and fuck Trimet

So Trimet now has a bus in the time system that regularly does not exist/show up to the bus stop  

if trimet can ruin your morning it will. That they've got on fucking lock. 

should really look into trademarking this hot vomit smell. Everyone should be able to experience the eau de MAX. 

for the record I don't blame the drivers. This sort of constant failure is managements problem.  

three #4 buses showed up this morning at the same time in a line. maybe fix the problems?! 

line 71 id#6649 needs rescheduling of arrival times terrible for anyone who works at 8am, im either late or very early 

Whatever rt 94 is at Barbur TC right now: it's a CRUSH LOAD! Why not buy high capacity articulated buses? Oh, because it isn't MAX 

. Must be the lights because sure as shit at 6:30am it ain't the sun... In Portland, in November.  

Well the machine at beaverton TC works, so to be legal, I'm now 45 min behind schedule, don't sound so fare 

Think next time ill just clock a cop if asked for a pass,bullshit , this is why I get 14 day, to bad you can't get post dated passes 

Alex Hawk@AJHTriMet
How late are we gonna be today tr 9402? Why have riders not been compensated for repeated late buses?

I'm Not That Stupid To Start Drama In Front Of Trimet Security. 

Lookie what I found. All the just came rushing back.

bus 2639 driver for line 8 is texting and driving. 

TriMet, you are like a crazy ex-girlfriend. Every time I think it's a good idea to ride you, you act insane and make me regret it. 

TriMet, I want to continue this stream with a haiku. But I'm going to be the bigger woman and stop before it gets to that point.

Bus 76 nearly crashed into the 57. This is Be Safe week at TriMet AKA

sorry I passed along my commuter bad luck! Good luck on today

Or fix your machines with the extra money you are getting from riders. 

My 46 minute commute is about to exceed 2 hours.... Not good ...not good.  

Wow still stranded at beaverton tc. cc  


I really do love the trimet bus system. 

Today is our "Be Seen. Be Safe" kickoff day! TriMet is seen, but not safe. Just ask our riders!  

We do! RT If trimet can ruin your morning it will. That they've got on fucking lock. 

My bus driver has already run a red and been rude to two passengers. Thanks Trimet

Hey - ticket dispenser at southbound N. Killingsworth MAX stop isn't working. Always on the fritz- please fix this unit for real. 

Seriously, this is getting out of control. "no bills or payment cards accepted."  

I love it when your busses are over ten minutes late-- especially when I have an interview 

Commute got, er, derailed this morning. Fortunately no one was hurt.

Trimet must be some clever anagram for fuck-all, since that's precisely what they deliver. 

Yesterday Google Movies & Trimet (PDX public transit) were giving times wrong. Haven't seen/heard of anything else going wrong. 

Cash ticket machine at NE 60th Max stop isn't working. (Error message in corner.)  

Oh, TriMet... you crazy bitch. And you wonder why more people don't fuck witchu. 

148 at Quatama is out of service again. 

Thanks for that impromptu walk to work this morning - I needed the exercise

Ah, The Urine Bus, how I miss thee so. #2702 Joe, I can't believe you haven't had the pleasure. 

Holy moley you actually sent a 3000 to run the 12 to Tigard! Of course I can't ride it thanks to the stupid 12/94 split... 

customer service isn't open at 7:40 in the morning... Part of the problem, eh? 

Are you in service, or not? unknown bus  

Guess mcfarlane teasing me...he isn't riding the 94 with me. He did a good job walking to other side of wind glass away from me tho 

The #4 just passed me by as I was waiting for it on SE 41st and Division. Thanks a lot, driver. I mean, WTF? 

and then 2601 as a signed 8 one minute later. McFarlane doesn't seem to care even when at the stop 

bus 2547 with a 69## train pulled over, called "Veterans Hospital" and had "Not in Service" headsign 

Guess on-time performance is taking a hit at even with McFarlane actually here at the stop with me. Six minutes means six minutes 

Another jammed packed rt 94 with veh 2106.....but NOBODY rides the bus. Rt 94 seems like it could use high capacity buses!! 

this lady was behind a trimet bus and got impatient or whatever and started to turn well when she was turning she wasn't 

Shout out to because of your terrible drivers, I have a sprained right ankle and I'm on crutches. You guys suck. 

Now it appears uses Facebook as a one way tool, does anyone over there know how social media works? 

Gotta admit. RT : It's always a little jarring when really attractive people get on the bus.

Balls to it, Trimet. Being over ten minutes late is not attractive.


ill beat that ass on trimet

Another night of inexplicably slow service from downtown to the East side.

Hey Trimet. FUCK YOU! 

i know right? Never even got a "sorry" tweet back either . 


A trimet fucken ticket!!  


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