Thursday, November 8, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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Damn TriMet bastards...I love being stranded. Once again, my bus just doesn't show up; had to get creative to get off the hill.

third day rosa parks train station (both sides)no tickets available , broken machines. More $ equals less service in Pdx 

two 68's have been no shows. I gotta get to work! 

Trimet text me back bitch. 

when it's 70 degrees the trains blast the heat, but when it's 40 no heat? Morning Trains this week have been COLD! 

The girl on the bus looks so sad that she didn't get a seat... I wouldn't be surprised if she asked to sit on someone's lap :(  

The #309 ticket machine is once again not working.  

Legibility of new headsign to old. What do you prefer? New is MUCH more readable  

I believe the bus driver just set a land speed record for a public transportation vehicle on 33rd.

Nobody rides buses... Here is the 94/67 leaving Barbur TC breaking even, while WES costs millions  

Wonder why they never around to check passes on the smelly office workers but they show up to harass the school kids? fair is fare? 

": Packed blue line as usual. Damn " hey I think I see my mug on that tuna ship 

skank ass on max b lue line, wtf your perfume is nasty  

So let me fuck you, and ill will fuck you, untill you learn to fuck yourself, lil wayne remix for ya 

Was going to say thanx for fixing the machine, but then, accepted a 20, then no,no to 10's,so luky I was ready with 31 in 5's n 1's 

LOVE: TRIMET/NEW energy effeciant BUSES; swooning with HOPE I am so appreciative of WHOLE FOODS MARKET/IKEA/SUPERSUP weaving KINDNESS.:peace 

Noticed a no-signal ticket machine at sw 6th and Madison MAX stop. 

The new Trimet bus smell like burning Reese's Monkeys. 

line 12 stop id 7631 arrived at 958am instead of 945am bus #2934 <Belinda Jackson> 

been waiting for the 6 bus for over half an hour now. 

I'm not sure if I like the asphalt fume days or the jackhammer days more. Thanks for the variety .

I hate Trimet

The new Trimet buses are sexy! 

Hey trimet y r yr buses so bussted

. Bus 78 almost 10 minutes late. With the only victims being the passengers.  

Dang, i had no idea the new trimet busses had projector headlamps and H.I.Ds .  

Riding the new Trimet bus! It's so beautiful, and smells heavenly!

We try RT At least ads are a mix of for-profit colleges and Oregon Lottery. That's... Well, it's still quite deceitful. 

Soon they'll smell like pot and disappointment RT TriMet got new buses equipped with new bus smell. 

Validator 094 has been broken for almost a year now. Lovely. You want people to pay the fare-- Make sure they can. 

just had to send a thank you to the rail operator on the yellow line max to PSU at 10. His weather update was unexpected and awesome

downtown you can even get them from guys selling tix on the street for a couple of bucks near Pioneer Courthouse Square. 

Fuck you your rules make no sense 

Why the simple act of moving to the back of the bus stumps most people continues to baffle me.  

Trimet is really starting to piss me off. Fuck the 15 right now. 

I love how Trimet has all the lights off on the bus so I can't study for my quiz :( 

And now we see if a 2-hour Trimet commute can be improved with a mid-grade migraine. Odds on "pukes before Gateway?" 

. The guy I was tweeting about eventually got off the train at N Lombard. Very uncomfortable trip. He irritated other riders a lot. 

. still runs all of it's machines on Windows XP, still. via  

. He's now bothering a female passenger. 

. You got a guy on the Yellow Line shouting at passengers. Drunk maybe. Just getting to Albina / Mississippi. 

Urgh. New bus smell and industrial gray color scheme. Not a fan.  


Riders should not pay for Trimet's lateness thanks a lot trimet I'm pissed off at you now! 

TriMet has not alerted us of MAX issues - so it looks like you are good to go - GO BLAZERS! 

ugh streetcar system stopped due to police action connected with a bank robbery  

Lmao how tf you stay on Trimet,but you gucci down doee?....Hmmmm,sumn dont add up pimp 

he's riding trimet. The odds of him picking up something far more vile are pretty good.

this is the has ever smelled. it stinks so bad that i almost didnt get on the bus. 

Damn TriMet bastards...I love being stranded. Once again, my bus just doesn't show up; had to get creative to get off the hill. 


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