Friday, November 9, 2012

Latest SEEN and HEARD on #TRIMET (aka #Trimess)

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I’m so glad all the idiots got into the same train as me so I can here their stupid commentary on “what’s wrong with TriMet.”
You know what's safe? An electrical panel unattached and exposing wires on a train. Typical.

ive been spending a lot of time on trimet lately.... 

Some moron left their bike on the bike rack of the bus so now mine doesn't fit on. Another late to work curtesy of  

MAX ticket dispenser @ northbound Glisan/Hoyt broken, stuck on "45 seconds" timeout screen. Plz to fix?

TVM 700 at NW 5th & Glisan is out of service. And in other news…  

No, I meant tell the train operator. Calling TriMet about that doesn't help either, but telling train op gets it fixed immediately. 

To all yall standing in the cold waiting for a bus or train you are HARD CORE!  

if you aren't going to bother heating your trains, would you at least turn off the air conditioning? 

Ticket machines at SE Main on green line aren't working...again. Called and reported already.  

Blue line you are such a tease, but I'm gojng to watch you get away. It @ TriMet Rose Quarter Transit Center

Kind of creepy being the only one at the platform... that doesn't happen. @ TriMet NW Civic Drive Station

Trimet is so fucking wack 

calling trimet is just as worthless as tweeting about it. At least my tweets reach an audience instead of nowhere within trimet.

Permission to approach the bridge captain? Riding the new make me feel like I'm on a

ok, the window height isn't so bad on new buses, if you just make sure to sit in the rear upper seats. lots of them on line 4 lately 

On a Red Line train. I regret missing the opportunity to get a photo of the woman who was wearing full-body bear pajamas.  

Here we go again. As the "new" contract expires, TriMet's board will close doors next week for negotiations

4th day in a row machine broken @ rosa parks way. Took my $ and didn't print this time. I am REALLY angry now! 

, the arrivals sign on the platform at the 82nd avenue MAX station is frozen. 

Took my niece to school on the Trimet bus and she was freaking out and screaming because she was so excited. It was cute :) 

these bolts required specific tools. I guess Trimet must be handing out those tools to random riders before boarding now. 

Of course once I tweet that, the MAX gets stuck on the Steel Bridge because of a "signal problem". Fuck you, Trimet

All I do on trimet is make enemies. 

"Do you see what happens, Trimet? Do you see what happens, Trimet, when your MAX trains are on time?  

neither eastbound Lloyd Center ticket machines are working. 

Naa, trimet gave me a warning for being on the white lines the parking space  

I spend 4 hours of my day commuting to and from work. I'm at work for 9-10 hours. Last thing I want is to babysit trimet, but get home. 

How stalked am I? My cell was just disconnected from transit tracker so I wouldnt know janet was lying <Belinda Jackson> 

Did the 70 piss somebody off? Stuck with the super old busses this week.  

Fuckin trimet security thinkin they the police. Hop off my dick. Sorry your job sucks. 

Sick day Sw@GG.. Really trying to get my immune system w @ TriMet Fair Complex/Hillsboro Airport MAX Station

C'mon trimet, you're slackinggggg.

Hundreds of us are standing in the cold waiting for a train that still hasn't come... What's going on,

Damn type 4s and their no leg room

Two green trains should have come and gone. What the fuck and no explanation on site or app?! It's cold and 5:00 on a Friday. 

who do I complain 2 if my bike was vandalized @ hollywood tc? Also about a drvr who was rude and insensitive when I asked about it? 

The day can only get better by me brig sexually harrassed and puking whilre riding Trimet home. 

Wow, major props to for following up with me for what I hope was just a bad day for their driver. Thanks for caring, Trimet

Welcome to the Friday night MAX Blue Line Sardine Express. Crammed to the walls 

I have a feeling it's gonna be a bitch taking the Max to the theatre later on...  

I’m so glad all the idiots got into the same train as me so I can here their stupid commentary on “what’s wrong with TriMet.” 

what trimet taught me today: ALWAYS be prepared to ride your bike! 

The new Trimet buses don't have machine guns attached to the front. Goddamn liberal Portland wusses. 

. Driver said I cant charge my laptop under here because people see the cords and call in a bomb threat?  

ride train 30 minutes, forced deboard because of broken tracks. trimet doesn't provide alternate bus. back on train home. still hungry. 

Ta-ta, ! I'm glad you were there when I needed you, but I'd rather ride my bike even when it's dark & rainy. 

Just saw cycler grief a trimet bus weaving in and out of traffic & making lanes. You aren't winning fans or helping bike culture. 

Hey , the ticket machines at the SE Holgate MAX aren't accepting bills or debit cards. When will this be fixed?  

OH: "Oh look the Max is so small"..."it's not's fun sized!"  

Wow okay fuck you too trimet, why yo schedules so whack  

Ahh the lovely sounds and smells of trimet

RT too bad Trimet took the name "Green Line" RT : I'm thinking of starting a shuttle service to Vansterdam from PDX. 

Some epic on the bus, tonight  

Having the worst luck with trimet trying to get to Hawthorne 

sorry to say that your service is miserable. The train breaks down every other day. 

when you say you're going to fix something, like, say, a bell cord on bus 1609 actually do (cont)

-Tran bus 2249 has an overhead sign that has an america flag and says 'Thank You Veterans!' needs to have that! 

Waited 27 minutes for the yellow line and it's ONE CAR AGAIN. must hate people in NoPo. 

what is going on with the ? There have been 2 no shows at the rose quarter so far! It's cold! 

Two green trains should have come and gone. What the fuck and no explanation on site or app?! It's cold and 5:00 on a Friday. 

get a grip for real 


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