Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Portland's  leading transit blog discusses The local election results and transit/land use

My answer to why the light rail initiatives lost regionally:

My views on this are simple, they are referendums on Trimet, its fat wasteful bureaucracy, the lies that continually come out of their propaganda department, and their complete lack of regard for the citizens of the area.
That agency is too powerful and people want it stopped and made accountable.
These are victories for people like me that have worked long at making that place accountable.

And I will add this: it is a victory for all of us who have spoken up against the current managements decision to build while cutting, to pretend there are budget problems when they do not exist. All the people who have added their little piece into busting the myth of Trimet propaganda can pat themselves on the back this morning, us motley bunch of 'losers'. 

We won, they lost.

Portland Transport: The local election results and transit/land use

John Ludlow, Tootie Smith oust incumbents as Clackamas County shifts to the right |

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Al M said...

We are no where near making that place accountable. These recent victories make it harder for them to conquer the world around them, which was obviously their plan.

But getting the masters who 'own' Trimet to actually be accountable is another story.

A far more complicated matter.