Sunday, November 4, 2012

Remember that yellow line crash?

The  end for me at Trimet was the release of that yellow line crash,  JOE ROSE did a story about it.

I was put on 'administrative leave' over this while they 'investigated' the 'leak'. How fascist is that? A real event causes the management to put me on leave, as if I did something wrong.

No I didn't steal the video out of Trimet's secret vault, it really was sent to me via email by another pal of mine who works at Trimet. Niether of us knew what would happen upon posting that video on my blog. My understanding is that even to this date Trimet continues covering up the details of this incident.

Now here is the interesting part. When I had to come in for 'interrogation' this is how it was put to me.
"you either give up the source of that video or you will have to take the fall, like being caught with drugs, give up your dealer of suffer the consequences"

That is the god's honest truth. Of  course I said no way, just do what you're going to do to me.
Well nothing happened immediately, but then all of a sudden I started getting these 'secret' FIRST TRANSIT (the biggest for profit bus company making millions by stripping away benefits from employees) riders leading to these false reports. And then they hauled me in to confront me with these bogus reports. I knew they were bogus because I had been taping my entire work shifts since the dispute with MARCUS GRIFFITH  and all the phony complaints that came as a result of that. (I would encourage operators to take steps to protect themselves since so many phony complaints come in by angry riders).

So now I had to worry about phony secret Stalinist riders setting me up. Of course I left. Nobody can work under those conditions.

I'm glad to be gone from that very unhealthy environment, they did me a favor. But if the head honchos over there thought that would stop me from blogging about Trimet and transit in general, they were wrong.

This blog is a living history of Trimet transit district, its not all bad, there is positive stuff here. I regularly save this blog to my computer in case of hackers.

Those of us trying to get some sort of change in the way things are at Trimet, most of whom are not employees of course (employees are fat and happy, as much overtime as you want is happening there, the budget crisis was  a lie all along) continue fighting the impossible war. Getting Trimet back to its basics, thats running transit and away from what it is today, a land development agency.

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