Tuesday, November 6, 2012


It seems perfectly reasonable to me that if the TVM's are not working at one station and Trimet expects people to get off at the next station to buy a ticket, THE TRAIN SHOULD BE REQUIRED TO HOLD WHILE RIDERS PURCHASE THEIR TICKETS.

The way this fascist company is doing it now, making people get off and wait for the next train because of a TRIMET deficiency is down right evil as far as I am concerned.

Riders that have experienced another TRIMET FAIL, use the call box to call the operator and tell them the problem and ask them if they want you to buy a ticket at the next station then they need to wait for you to do that BEFORE LEAVING.

Will this company ever regain some ethical footing, or will they continue down the path of self destruction by disrespecting their riders like they do now?


punkrawker4783 said...

Really? We should hold up an ENTIRE train of people who pre-purchased tickets or passes for those who didnt plan ahead? Theres a whole idea surrounding the punishments Each Ride cash payers should endure. TriMets fault or not, planning ahead solves many problems on the riders part.

Al M said...

That's right, if they expect someone to get off and buy a ticket then wait for the next train then yes, they SHOULD HOLD THE ENTIRE TRAIN SINCE THE SITUATION IS TRIMET'S OWN FAULT.

Al M said...

Your like a 'right winger' when it comes to transit issues Chad.

Al M said...

I'll tell ya what really needs to happen, and the only thing that Trimet may actually listen to,

punkrawker4783 said...

Well, its better suited if you have a SmartCard fare payment system. Get people to get one and use it.....but the concept applies.

And "Right Winger"? No. I am a bus driver, and a bus RIDER. I think of BOTH sides. You have a pass you pay $90 for, (or $100 there), I am not sitting on a damn train at every stop while cash payers buy a ticket, especially if trains are running every 15m or less. Either 1) buy fares ahead of time or 2) allow extra time to buy a fare. Pass holders (the bread and butter) should be kept moving. This isnt a TriMet cant get it shit together issue, which I agree they suck and should all be fired, but from a riders standpoint, this is a stupid idea. Sorry Al.

Al M said...

There are plenty of people that cannot afford passes chad, so they should suffer because they have less money than you?

punkrawker4783 said...

Oh Al. Your transit system would FAIL with that kind of thinking. If you hold up trains for these single fare payers, youll eventually lose your pass riders. You will delay all the trains behind you, etc etc. You do the math. The person with "Less cash than me" should plan ahead, thats all i am saying. Holding up a train of 100 so 2 can buy a ticket is absurd. You see how much a cash payer holds up a bus over a pass or pre-purchased ticket holder?

TriMet offers all kinds of passes now, 1-day, 7-day, 14-day, theres something for everybody, as a matter of fact its more than we have.

Al M said...

We agree to disagree, that's two now.

Erik H. said...

I have to disagree with holding up a train, there's no reason to punis those on board the train who have somewhere to go.

The real solution is that there needs to be accountability at the highest levels of TriMet - as in, firings, terminations, and make them public and very visible. Right now the General Manager, and all of his cronies, live the cushy, sheltered life. They aren't accountable. The Board doesn't manage the GM, the GM manages the Board.

Think about it: What if Fred Meyer's POS (that's Point-of-Sale, by the way) system was so dysfunctional that the company's customer satisfaction was in the toilet and the company was losing millions. Would Kroger's CEO give Fred Meyer's President raises and a job year after year? Of course not - Freddy's President would be fired. So why is TriMet's GM being coddled?

I do agree that "get off the train and wait for the next one" is unacceptable. It isn't the rider's fault. But holding up a train, holding up other riders and causing a domino effect doesn't help.