Thursday, December 6, 2012


This woman makes sense and is not afraid to speak her mind. This latest article by her also speaks for me!

First off I want to say to all of my readers:
Despite what you have heard, I’m not a
waving maniac who hates managers or anyone
in control. I would like to say: I love my job.
Well, that’s a little white lie. I used to love my
job when I had managers who showed they
care a little about the peeks (us).
I wasn’t asking
for a lot. I showed up to work every day for the
past 30-plus years. I did the very best by representing
this company in a positive manner. I
made great ties with outside agencies like the
city, ODOT, county, contractors, special event
folks, the list goes on. When you put pride and
years of hard work in what you do, you build
not only respect for yourself but your company.
We all have been there. We are the backbone,
us on the front line. I always thought of
TriMet as being a strong tree for us all in Portland
tri-counties. Strong roots and many
branches. This company has lost a lot over the
years with dysfunctional managers just in it for
a few short years for the big bucks and take a
hack. The other folks just sit around and make
up lies — hire fancy mouthpieces to make
them look good.
I’m not an angry woman; I’m a bitter
woman. For Albert & Costello, I am willing to
take the time to tell you this is the difference:
An angry woman does nothing; a bitter
woman is willing to spend time in hell to show
you up.
We have a process in place for grievances,
but now you decided in your wisdom to
change it to try to break the union. You have
managers in place that can’t make a decision
because they fear they now don’t have bounceback
rights, managers to spend 30 minutes to
resolve a problem before it gets out of hand is
gone. TriMet’s way to manage their employees
is the LAZY WAY. You are damned if you do
or you are damned if you don’t.
I am glad to say we finally got a resolution
out there on signing in seniority order for the
Station Agent Computer position. Seniority is
all we have, and we must hang on to that. It’s
too bad that it took two steps for them to understand
we are not trying to put one over on
them. We just want to treat everyone with
equal treatment. In their weasel world, there is
no trust.
Election Day will be here real soon, so
please get out and vote. Also please take a few
moments to fill out your ATU 757 contract
proposal suggestion form. Who knows? We
just might catch them sleeping and be able to
get something out of the A&C Team. If you
don’t ask, you will never know. I’m just saying.

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